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Wood Turned Bamboo Death Star

2 years ago frank howarth

May the 4th be with you! I have wood turned a Death Star out of bamboo plywood. The build consists of making two segmented halves that seam together at the ...


Making Bamboo Basket Boxes

3 months ago frank howarth

I have made four bamboo basket boxes for the cubby shelves in our breakfast bar. I made these wooden boxes look a little bit like baskets by cutting bamboo ...


Wood Turned Bamboo Death Star HD

7 months ago Baker 64

Wood Turned Bamboo Death Star HD May the 4th be with you! I have wood turned a Death Star out of bamboo plywood. The build consists of making two ...


Woodturning the 8 Ball

10 months ago frank howarth

I have woodturned an 8 ball from a chunk of walnut that has been kicking around the shop for about a decade. I first turned a sphere from the walnut. I originally ...


Woodturning - A Large Elm Burl

10 months ago Andy Phillip

I planned on turning a bowling ball with this large burl that looked like a duck but it had other ideas !! and Kind of turned into the Death Star off Star Wars ...


Turning Plywood

Turning plywood for the first time. I'm not much of a wood turner, but I love trying things I've never done before. In the video, I use a number of lathe tools, since ...


Building a Solid Workbench with Bamboo Top - Ep 045

2 years ago Andrea's Workshop

We made the workbench for our new Croatian workshop. The legs and aprons are made with pine and top is made from 1'' bamboo plywood. Top dimensions ...


Chainsaw Milling a Walnut Tree

2 years ago frank howarth

A friend of mine had a large walnut tree fall down in his back yard. He wanted to know if I wanted to chainsaw mill it into lumber. The trunk of the walnut tree had ...


Woodturning With The Naked Turner Alaskan Chainsaw Mill And A Large Log

2 years ago Erik Anderson

I made a vertical Alaskan Chainsaw Mill for turning a 9000 lb log into a receptionist desk surround.


More Maple Milling

7 months ago frank howarth

I had signed up for a wood delivery service (Free Wood Portland) where arborists will deliver the wood that they don't want. I then subsequently forgot about ...


Wood Turned Walnut Bowl with Diamond Pattern

9 months ago frank howarth

I have a walnut bowl that I roughed turned several years ago and it's now dry and ready to be finished. It is in good shape and has not cracked during the drying ...


Making Art from Reclaimed Wood

2 months ago Cammie's Garage

I upcycled some reclaimed oak from a broken cabinet into a sculpture. Interested in supporting what I do? Tip Jar: Buy ...


My Powermatic 180 Planer – Origin Story and Changing the Cutterhead

2 months ago frank howarth

This is my Powermatic 180 planer that I got at the first live auction I ever went to. I had not planned on buying this planer. I had not even looked at it or inspected ...


Make A Fancy Wooden Pedestal

Welcome back to Wood 'n' Stuff w/ Steve French! Let's be best friends! Join me in the shop as I build a ...


Wood Turning a Tiger Bowl

This is a Live Oak Bowl that had cracks and I fixed with Epoxy. Thanks for watching. Special thanks to Fabacation Specialist My name is Tommy Akridge, I am a ...


wood turning # 31 bamboo end grain plate

upcycling or repurposing a Bamboo end grain cutting board into a plate.


Wood Turned Brick Bowl

2 years ago frank howarth

I finished up a maple bowl I started 3 years ago. It had a few defects in it where a knot ran through it. I cut out those areas with the CNC router. I made pieces to ...


Lawn Chair 2

5 years ago frank howarth

This film is the making of a lawn chair from milling the lumber to finishing the chair. The story is told with no dialogue through stop motion animation. The concept ...


Woodturning - The Tectonic Plate

1 year ago Andy Phillip

Turning a small Poplar platter with a coloured epoxy infill.


Wood Turning the World Cup Ball - Telstar 18

6 months ago frank howarth

I have wood turned the Telstar 18 which is this year's World Cup football/soccer ball. It is a segmented sphere with approximately 2013 pieces. It is made mostly ...