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Awesome DIY Disc Sander. Part 2 of 2

Be sure to watch part 1: Second and last video about my diy disc sander. All the metal parts I used were leftover or stuff I found at ...


Building The 3 in 1 Sanding Station Part:1 ( Belt Sander, Disc Sander, Edge Sander )


Hello friends, this project consist of 2 parts. In this video you will be watching first part of 3 in 1 sanding station. This part including belt sander part of the 3 in 1 ...


Awesome DIY Disc Sander. Part 1 of 2. Casting And Machining!

In this two part video series I will build a disc sander out of recycled materials such as some aluminum ingots I casted in a previous video, a really old washing ...


Homemade 12" Disc Sander (Part 1)

Marius Hornberger

I experimented with building a new disc sander with one of my flanges powered with a little 600 Watt (0,8 HP) Motor. So far it is working and in the next video I'll ...


3 in 1 Sanding Station Build Part:2 (Belt Sander, Disc Sander, Edge Sander)


Hello friends, in this video you will be watching second part of 3 in 1 sanding station. You can find all the measurements at the end of the video. Merhaba ...


JWS Makes: Homemade 22" Disc Sander

Jords Wood Shop

This week I make a 22″ disc sander out of scrap MDF, left over aluminium discs and an old lathe's headstock. For more woodworking related content visit and ...


Disk Sander Homemade - 20'' Disc

From The Wood

If you like what i do you can support me at: Disk Sander made with reclaimed material. Motor 2200W from Water pump.


DIY Disk Sander


In this video I show how I made a disk sander out of entirely scrap or free parts. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments down below!


Finishing the Homemade Belt / Disc Sander

Justin Depew

This is Part 2 of my disc/belt sander build. In this part I show how I made the belt sander portion of this tool. For more information on this build check out my ...


3 Simple Ways to Make Sanding Discs for your Dremel / Rotary Tool


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Grinder / Disc Sander Project ( DONE ) part 4


Finiished project.


Building a 12" Disc Sander from a furnace motor (WnW #12)

An experiment in seeing if I can make a functional disc sander out of a free 1/3 horsepower motor, and other stuff found laying around the shop. Click “Show ...


Tips with the Belt / Disc Sander from Eastwood

Eastwood Company

BUY The Sander Here: ...


Homemade 12" Disc Sander - Part 2

Part two of my 12" disc sander build. Complete details on my blog: There are three parts to this build: Home Made 12" Disc Sander ...

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Anthonie Geyer


Homemade 16" disc sander

I made disc sander out of plywood with 16" (40 cm) aluminium disc. Brand new 3 phase (1,10 kW, 1415 RPM) motor, custom made flange. For more details of ...


Strip Sander - Make DIY Build Plans

Dave Wirth

Strip Sander (WEN 6515 1 x 30" Belt Sander with 5" Sanding Disc): Strip Sander Sandpaper (10-Pack): BLOG: ...

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belt sander

Max Rjavii


Making a disc sander


This video is a start to finish look at how I made my disc sander from scratch. At first it sounded like a fairly easy project, but as things usually go, it took a lot ...


Awesome DIY 2x72" Belt Grinder

Here is my version of a simple yet very sturdy 2x72" belt grinder. More video about knifemaking will come along with many other stuff, be sure to subscribe so ...