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Building a propane forge from air tank

1 year ago Dan Estey

Propane forge from 7 gallon air tank.


Propane forge made from an air tank!

1 year ago xRoSkii

A quick over view of a recent project I just completed. It is a dual burner set up with idle valve for fuel conservation. It was an old air tank from my grandpa.


Building a Blacksmithing Gas Bottle Propane Forge & Burners

1 year ago Will Matthews

It was time to upgrade to a gas forge to give some more heat control & efficiency vs my old charcoal 44 gallon forge. I bought a brand new 9kg gas bottle to use ...


building a coal forge from a propane tank

2 years ago Joe the Builder

building a coal forge from a propane tank the last forge i build runs on propane but could not get up to welding temperatures. so now i try make one that runs on ...


My Custom Blacksmith Propane Forge Build - Start to Finish

A documentary of the building of my homemade blacksmith propane forge. Altogether the build spanned about 2 months from start to finish. I don't have plans all ...


DIY | Building a forge

2 years ago Hassan Abu-Izmero

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Primitive Technology: Forge Blower

I invented the Bow Blower, a combination of the bow drill and forge blower to make a device that can force air into a fire while being easy to construct from ...


Homemade Compressor For Small Workshop

3 years ago Steven Hanglands

In this video I construct a small compressor for minor jobs in my garage. The motor, compressor pump, frame, vee belt, receiver, and some of the connectors ...


Making an air compressor tank wood stove / fireplace

1 year ago Ebbco

I've had this tank laying around for a long time and finally decided to make a small stove out of it. It's something we can sit around with the kids once the weather ...


Water Tank BBQ Build Pt 1

8 months ago Ryan Gribble

What do you get when you take a well water pressure tank, a bunch of tools, and a buddy with a vision, you get a bad ass bbq build video. Check out part 1.


A cheap air blower for back yard metal casting or a forge

4 years ago xynudu

Here's the cheap blower I intend to use for my back yard aluminum melting projects. Should bump up the temperature a significant amount. Camera: Nikon ...


Homemade Air compressor, Generator, Arc welder

5 years ago kurtscottage

Homemade compressor, generator and arc welder built from free junk, engine found 8hp Briggs & Stratton I think, Compressor and alternator was also free find.


DIY Forge Air Tank Part 1

1 year ago Simply Gridless

Building a forge out of an old air tank for airing up tires. We are new at this and have never used or built a forge so keep that in mind. We had a lot of tool ...


DIY Wood Stove from Scrap Air Compressor Tank!

2 years ago Kelt's Workshop

This shop heating wood stove was made a few years ago and originally was over 4 seperate videos. I've reedited the videos into one shorter video showing the ...


Home made Firepit

2 years ago Kevin Robinson



Making propane blacksmith forge

1 year ago Make it Extreme

We came up with the idea to make a necessary tool used by blacksmiths and this is an oven that heats the metal placed in it in order to be bendable and easy to ...


Propane Tank Forge Build: How to Build a Gas Forge with On Hand Materials

This propane tank forge build video is in depth look at how to build a gas forge using materials you may already have on hand. This video is part one of a four ...


Build your own forge out of a propane tank - Jerry Riggin Ep. 2

7 years ago Dare The Machine

In this episode I build a mini forge to work metal with in the future.


Turning a Cylinder into a Beautiful Sounding Bell.

5 years ago What We Made

Thanks for watching our first of many videos! This project was a bell made from an old decommissioned 150lbs chlorine cylinder. Like and Subscribe Follow us ...


Converting a propane tank into an air tank

8 years ago tesla500

Converting an expired 20 pound propane tank to an air tank.