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Building The Tower Sander

3 years ago Bellevue Woodshop

Tired of changing spindles on your spindlesander or drillpress. This shopmade multi-diameter spindle sander lets you sand different diameter inside curves in ...

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Tower sander

3 years ago Francisco Proaño


Shopmade Oscillating Edge Sander

4 years ago Bellevue Woodshop

Home made oscillating edgesander. Business enquiry please email: Some tools I use (Affiliate Links) Any purchases supports ...


Best DIY Drum Sander on YouTube!

Please do me a favor and hit the SUBSCRIBE button! About 7 years ago I was looking for a way to outfit my shop with tools that would help improve my work.


Cheapest Spindle Sander On Amazon | Modified

1 month ago izzy swan

This is the wen spindle sander i have been using one for my woodworking projects for the last 2 years and it has severed me well. In this video i am building it ...


DIY Drum Sander part 1

2 years ago Susan Gardener

I've embarked on my most ambitious tool build yet - a drum sander. In this video I create the drum. In the next video I'll be creating the table and the stand.



3 years ago Laurie McLean MMR

I'm adding a sanding shed to my new On3 module which has the turntable and made the sand chute working.


Strip Sanders Showdown!

2 years ago I Build It

Matthias came to my shop for a day and we did some interesting things. In this video, we compare our beam compasses and homemade strip sanders. You can ...


Almonte clock tower clock tour

1 year ago Matthias Wandel

A friend, James, giving me a tour of the Almonte clock tower clock works. If you areinterested, James might be willing ...


Comparing strip sanders

2 years ago Matthias Wandel

Comparing John Heisz's 1" wide belt sander design to my 1" wide belt sander design. My strip sander: John's ...


Homemade Flap Sander

2 years ago Bellevue Woodshop

Shopmade flap sander with brush support from a couple of kids broom sticks. Variable speed control with a VFD. Business enquiry please email: ...


Simple homemade spindle sander drill powered

3 years ago izzy swan

DIY, spindle sander I designed to be as simple to build with parts that don't need to be custom made. It can be powered by a drill or add pulley and motor to ...


DIY Spindle Sander

1 year ago dumas5000

This is a DIY spindle sander project for either a hand drill or a drill press. The spindle is made of ¾” Plywood disks that were cut out using a hole saw drill (also ...

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3 years ago 李贤明


61 Building a Spindle Sander Table with built in dust collection

2 years ago Memphis Applegate

Finally build that spindle Sander table. Pretty fun project, as it combined cabinet making, electrical, and dust collection. I looks and works great.

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Atelier Sander "Ponceuse"

1 month ago Roland JOTHAIRO


Sanding the 2x4 tower blocks part 2 of 3

3 years ago Carl Campbell

Sanding the rough edges of all the blocks for the 2x4 tower game, yes I need a bench sander, It is on the wishlist for shop tools, I was using 60 grit paper.


Desigo CC: Integrated Management Station - Sander Mechanical - Building Automation

With Desigo for TALON, Siemens offers an integrated building management system that covers all your requirements – both now and in the future. Desigo is the ...


1" Belt sander revisited Assembly

4 years ago Bellevue Woodshop

Revisiting the 1" belt sander that do not have a build video. Video show mounting of the basic parts Pdf plans are available: ...


4 in 1 Drill Press Build Pt1 : The Drill Press / 4 in 1 Sütun Matkap 1. Bölüm

Part 1 of the 4 in 1 Drill Press: making the drill press. You can find all the measurements at the end of the video. For the other parts of the ''4 in 1 Drill Press'' visit ...