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Decorative Wood Box // First Box DIY Woodworking

Bruce A. Ulrich

In this video, I make a decorative wood box with splines. This simple diy woodworking project makes a great gift. I'm surprised I've not made a box like this until ...


Making Small Keepsake Boxes with Various Lid Designs

Adrian Preda

I've made a batch of small keepsake boxes, or ring boxes, from american walnut body and various lid designs: kumiko, mahogany, cherry with palm wood inlay ...


How To Make A Wooden Box

adam fleisch

In this video I show you how to make a wooden box. But just not any wooden box, one that looks like it was wrapped by a professional. Using my miter saw, table ...


MAKE Decorative Keepsake Boxes / Jewelry box / Decorative Box

Andrew Scheier

Sycamore and Mahogany Wood Boxes Published By Andrew Scheier 1/04/2018 Both boxes are built using the same methods.


How to make small wooden box EASY, FAST

david loka

How to make small wooden box, from spruce and cgarry wood. Using basic tools. Box can be used for storing, smaler things, jewlery,...


wooden box decorated with items from Fimo_1 (tutorial)


ξύλινο μπαουλάκι διακοσμημένο με στοιχεία από Fimo_1 decorative boxes.


How to make a decoupage box - Painted box - Decoupage wooden box - Decoupage for beginners




How to make a wooden box - 269

I recently made a few wooden boxes to give out as Christmas gifts. Hope you enjoy the video and are able to learn something new. Build article: ...


Make a wooden box

Young Je

Box dimensions : 12 (w) x 7 (d ) x 3 7/8 ( h ) inch Wood : maple,lace wood, catalpa.


Make It - Secret Compartment Box II

Dustin Penner

Plans Available ▽▽ - Patreon - - Website - ------ Plans Here - Instagram ...


How to make a box with wooden hinges only with a table saw

Stephan Pöhnlein

All you need to make a box with wood hinges is a table saw and of course a little bit of sanding. But you don't need a drill, a scroll saw, a router, a chisel or a ...


Ⓕ Walnut And Spalted Maple Keepsake Box (ep69)

Nick Ferry

More about this box and video - MORE THAN YOUTUBE? - Don't miss out!


Maple and Walnut Jewelry Box


For Mother's day gifts this year, I made two complimentary small boxes out of walnut and maple for my mother, and my mother in-law. I designed the boxes ...


Build a storage chest from reclaimed wood

DIY Montreal

In this DIY video, I'll show you how to build a storage chest from reclaimed wood. Call it a hope chest, pallet wood trunk, wooden chest, rustic blanket chest, ...


Making a Box With Splined Miter Joints

Dieter Schneider

In this video I am making a simple box in plywood and walnut with splined miter joints. First I cust some strips in plywood then I use my guillotine miter cutter ...


Wonderful wooden boxes A small collection of wooden boxesby Phil Weber and Mathew.


Making a Small Gift Box | JET Sponsored Project

Boxes are one of the most popular woodworking projects and it's a great way to use small pieces of stock that are too nice to throw in the trash. We designed and ...


Home Repair fix a decorative wooden box crate by froggy


Home Repair fix a decorative wooden box crate by froggy Thanks for millions of views! Attempt all work at your own risk. The publisher bears no responsibility for ...


Easy to Make Jig and How to Build Boxes with Decorative Splines

Jack Houweling

Step by step how to make a spline jig. Get big results from this small jig. I will show you how it works and build 2 boxes with different decorative splines.


Using Inkjet Printing to make DIY Vintage Crates | 10

Workshop Edits

We made it to Episode 10! Today, on The Cutting Bored, I'm building a set of my own vintage crates. Simple, but so many ways you can take it! Enjoy!