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Designing and making a DIY multiple tealight holder

Scrap wood City

I used 20mm plywood for this project. Tools and materials I propose: Bandsaw: Grinder / belt sander: Forstner ...


How to Make a Candle and Match Holder

Jack Houweling

Easy to make candle holders with a match pocket. Build article


Making a heart tealight holder


Music Source: FMA Artist: Daria Shakhova (The Owl) Song: Rainy Sun License:


Making the Tea Light Candle Holder

CFB Creations

This tea light candle holder is an easy woodworking project. I offer these plans for free on my website: This was my first set of plans ...


Easy Wooden candle Holder - DIY

Weird Experiments

Weird Experiments 2017 YouTube by: Tempo Production


How to make a simple and unique tea light candle holder DIY

Spiros Crafts

In this video i will show you how to turn a piece of pine wood into a piece of art with Shou Sugi Ban! If you enjoyed it you can give it a thumbs up and subscribe to ...


DIY Diwali Candle Holder Making from Old CD | Best Out Of Waste Diwali Diya Stand


Please watch: "Pyramid Shaped Cardboard Organiser | Easy Best Out of Waste Cardboard Craft | StylEnrich" ...

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DIY Tealight candle holder

Long Pham



Great for wedding decorations, bridle parties and elegant events... Candle holder came from the Dollar Tree, sheets of glitz from down town Los Angeles, ...


14 Ways to make a Tealight Holder

You probably know the delight I have for tealight holders, or at least for making them. So I thought I would approach the subject from a different angle this time to ...


Walnut Candle Holder from Recycled Walnut | #maker #woodworking #diy

Hey I'm a Maker

Over the holidays I made a number of these little candle holders for the family. I originally saw a similar project on Pinterest and enjoyed how simple they were.


Scrap Wood Candle Holder

Chad DIY

This is a guide to building a simple candle holder using a left over 2 by 4. I just used the planner to smooth everything out and then drill three holes using a 1 1/2 ...


Easy to build Tealight Candle Holder

Easy to build Tealight Candle Holder You can download the template here:


Stylish DIY Christmas candle holder from scrap wood - Learn how to upcycle!


Enjoy the process of turning waste wood into a stylish candlestick holder in under 30 minutes. This demonstration shows just how easy it is to upcycle and make ...

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Candle holder



Simple DIY candle holder

ZH Fabrications

I wanted to familiarize myself with Sketchup, so I chose a relatively simple build. Having a layout sheet proved to be quite handy. It also helped me to reduce my ...


Custom Design Tea Candle Holder

Went through the random bucket of cut offs and put together a quick tea candle holder. Check it out and let me now what you think. I also have a few other tea ...


DIY Tealight Candle Holder


I made this tealight holder from a piece of blackthorn tree I cut down a year ago. It has really nice pink and green colouring through the wood.I used a piece of ...


How to make a log tealight candle holder

Life X4

A very simple way of doing a log tealight candle holder.

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Candle holders