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DIY Belt Grinder 2x48" [PLANS]

Made in Poland

If you would like to download plans for this project, click the blue "JOIN" button next to the SUBSCRIBE button :) Hi. My name is Darek and in this video I'll show ...


DIY 2 x 72 belt grinder part 1

Chris Fall

I Decided it was time to build my 2" x 72" belt grinder. Started off with 2.5" tube steel and some .25" steel plate steel to build the frame and base. Next video will ...


$100 Homemade 2X72 Belt Grinder Review

Gears& Arms

This is a 2X72 belt grinder, made from scrap metal, an old treadmill and a few various other parts and components. Thanks For Watching! Be sure to subscribe ...


DIY | The belt grinder

Hassan Abu-Izmero

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Сheap DIY belt grinder (without welding)


Cheap DIY homemade belt grinder from scrap metal and some plywood, with 750 watt electric motor made for knife making Grinder draft - ...


Homemade 2" X 72" belt grinder

Official Simple Little Life video of a homemade 2" x 72" belt grinder. I've had some requests to share what I've built for my knife making belt grinder. This was a ...


Building my 2x72" Belt Grinder

Jeremy Schmidt

Plans are available! Read more about the machine and the plans here: Or buy them immediately here: ...


DIY Belt Sander Grinder Using Bicycle Hub

Sek Austria

Project no.57 diy 2x72 belt sander using bicycle hub as rollers I got a good result with this machine. Bicycle side wheel hub rollers are working just fine, and the ...


Awesome DIY 2x72" Belt Grinder

Here is my version of a simple yet very sturdy 2x72" belt grinder. More video about knifemaking will come along with many other stuff, be sure to subscribe so ...


I DID IT!! Homemade 2x72 BELT GRINDER in 4 days! $100


This has been an unbelievable journey! It's awesome to lift your behind and make something with your hands. Thanks you all for following me along making this ...


The Ultimate DIY Belt Grinder| Iron Wolf Industrial

Machined from scratch and modeled after an industry classic, this belt grinder is a beast of a machine. Check out some of the features in this video! For more ...


Diy BELT GRINDER industrial stand

Cà Lem

Just give you guys a quick shop update. i've done the belt grinder and the simple stand for it. The amazing belt grinder design from Jeremy Schmidt. thank you ...


$75 Treadmill Transformed into a 2x72 Belt Grinder


We found the cheapest treadmill on Facebook marketplace, cut 16 inches off the end and now we have a 2' x 72" flats sanding table grinder thing! Thanks to ...


Making a 2" x 72" Belt Grinder from Treadmill Parts

Making Stuff

In this video a 2 x 72 belt grinder is made from treadmill parts. This type of belt grinder is very popular with knife makers because it can remove large amounts of ...


DIY Belt Grinder 2x72 for Metal work or Knife making


DIY Belt Grinder 2x72 for precision metal removal or knife making. #beltgrinder #2x72 #knifemaking VFD that I used on my Build LAPOND SVD-ES Series ...


Homemade Multifunctional Adjustable Belt Sander Grinder

Homemade Multifunctional Adjustable Belt Sander Grinder My friends , i made some modification on my Belt Grinder and i wanted to share it with you. So i've ...


Most affordable 2x72 belt sander / knife grinder

Edge Geometry

Website: SRG 1.5 2x72 Belt Grinder/Sander Frame With Wheels Type One 2x72 Belt Grinder/Sander Frame With Wheels KSG ...


Homemade cheap DIY 2x72 belt grinder (without welding)

Eternal Knives

EDIT: 2 years and still going strong, thanks to everyone for checking it out) Had some requests to show my current ghetto belt grinder setup, so I disassembled it ...


Belt Grinder Build From Scrap Workout Bench And Treadmill Motor


This video is my 2x72 belt grinder build from an old workout bench, scrap, and a treadmill motor and parts. I tried to make this as portable and adjustable as I ...




BELT GRINDER 2x36 made from aluminum 1/2 plate and compressor motor 2hp.