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Making a Mini Axe (free plans)

While I was cleaning up my workshop I found this worn out disc. So I thought about making an axe out of it. More info and free plans: ...


Making a Hatchet from an Old Saw

9 months ago M.N. Projects

Another video from the series Giving trash a second life!


diy hatchet with saw handle

4 months ago Jareth Crowell


How to make an axe handle WITHOUT power tools

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6 months ago BrainfooTV

Take a metal bolt, some wood and make Thor's Stormbreaker. In this build we make our own miniature replica Stormbreaker axe inspired by the full sized one as ...


forging a small camp axe or hatchet from O1 tool steel

9 months ago Black Bear Forge

Axes are one of mankind's oldest tools. Today we will look at forging a small axe or hatchet from a single piece of tools steel Then we will forge a similar axe from ...


Making a Bushcraft Knife from an Old Putty Knife

8 years ago ArtisanTony

I made a small bushcraft knife from an old heavy duty putty knife. This will only work with the putty knives that have a thick heavy duty blade. Music; "The Annual ...


Knife Making with An Angle Grinder And Basic Tools.

5 months ago OUTDOORS55

Knife Making, how to make a karambit knife with an angle grinder a drill and basic hand tools. This knife was also heat treated in a charcoal grill using fire wood.


Making a Hickory Handle and Hanging an Old Eclipse Hatchet - Eclipse Axe Part 2

2 years ago Nicholas Tomihama

Here's the second and final part of restoring the Eclipse hatchet. I decided to just use my belt sander for this one since it was a pretty small handle. I'm happy with ...


Knife Making - How To Make A Small DIY Neck Knife - Build A Survival Neck Knife With Basic Tools

9 months ago UK Preppers Guide

How to make a DIY small neck knife build using just basic workshop tools. In this video I build a small survival neck knife with no specialist equipment or fancy ...


Making a japanese kiridashi (+ hamon) with COMMON HAND TOOLS ONLY - Knife making Part 2

1 year ago Steel and Soul

Look at all my other work! This is Part 2 of my little Kiridashi project. Im making it using only a saw, files and ...


How to make a hatchet from rebar (FargoFX Anniversary Edition)

8 months ago FargoFX

Here's how to forge an expedient, functional hatchet from a scrap of rebar with a homemade forge, simple tools and a 15 dollar anvil (Harbor Freight). This video ...



I am making a leather sheath for a finnish axe I restored recently - just simple hand tools. Article ...


How to Make a Pocket Hole With Hand Tools | Live Joinery Window

6 months ago Wood By Wright

Watch more hand tool fun here Pocket holes are not new and they are not a BAD joinery method. there are many places where Pocket holes ...


Arrowheads made from an old Saw Blade with Basic Tools

2 years ago Alex 2Q

Hi, here is a project I've wanted to do ever since I made my Mini Survival knife. With the leftovers from the same saw blade I attempted to create a set of ...


Handmade My First Knife Using Common Tools

3 years ago GadgetBox

Buy Here: Making a Homemade Knife With Just a Few Tools. knife making is a slow, delicate, painstaking, multi-faceted, sometimes ...


Making axe with angle grinder

Making cool axe with awesome angle grinder, from a railroad track! Music: Rockingdyde!


Bear Grylls Survival Series Hatchet Mini Axe - PTC Tools UK

5 years ago PTCTools

The Survival Series Hatchet from the Gerber Bear Grylls Range. click here for more info and to buy ...


Primitive Survival Shelter Build with Bare Hands - No Tools Needed

10 months ago TA Outdoors

I head into the forest to to build a primitive survival shelter using just my hands and no tools. This bushcraft shelter is ideal for a 24 hour survival situation. I forage ...


Wood Hatchet One Day Build, Diresta Style

I took a few days off work and wanted to make something that was a bit of a new challenge for me. I've done glue ups, I've used my new bandsaw to do some ...