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How to make a simple DIY wooden two-way iPad tablet stand from scrap wood (first ever video)

Thomas Haaf

This video shows the process of making a wooden iPad stand from a piece of leftover kitchen-countertop. It is my very first youtube video. Please feel free to ...


How to make an iPad stand

This iPad stand is made completely from scraps. It fits a credit card reader and it pivots to face you or the other way and it also swivels from portrait to landscape.


DIY ipad smartphone stand from Scrap 2x4

DIY Creators

Ever wanted to get the most out of that piece of wood you bought. Well that's how I felt right before I trash my leftover scarps. Click this link to subscribe to my ...


Wooden Tablet / iPad Holder Project

Wooden Tablet / Ipad Holder Project. This time we complete a small project to make a bedside or table top Tablet / iPad holder. Using some old oak board, some ...


DIY Wood Phone Holder



iPad stand Tablet holder. Woodworking ideas. DIY.

Michael Paley

Work with Table Saw Sled, Angle Cut and Laser Guide Tools.


How to Make a Barnwood Tablet Stand - DIY Network

DIY Network

Mark Bowe, host of DIY Network's Barnwood Builders, shows you how to make a DIY tablet holder out of rustic barnwood. Find more great content from DIY ...


How to ● Diy Wooden ipad Holder ● With a Tripod Mount!

Chris Notap

I wanted an easy way to mount my ipad on a tripod so I could take some time-lapse video, take some photos or shoot a video or just hold it in my hand for easy ...


Phone or Tablet Stand - Cheap, Quick, Effective

Alley Picked

You can build this simple phone stand for almost no cost but the electricity used to make it. I show additional stand options. This wood working project takes ...


Tablet Stand - DIY

Ronald Walters

Easy to make stand for small tablet... Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 shown.


Build This Custom Tablet Holder for Under $10


Forget those pricey "universal" holders! This Tablet Holder mounts on your microphone stand and is easy to build. Size it to fit either your tablet or smartphone,,, ...


DIY - Wooden Adjustable Tablet Stand

Gear Nut

This in an intermediate DIY wood project for anyone who wants a nice tablet stand that will double as an easel, book stand or other useful items.


DIY iPad Stand for the Kitchen

Greg's Garage

She's a baker, I'm a maker. Sometimes things work out like that! This month's First Thursday Video is a cutting board style iPad Stand that my wife asked me to ...


Diy iPad Stand Made Out Of Pallet Wood

Free diy iPad stand made from wooden shipping pallets.


Wooden tablet / ipad stand

Sebastian ocaño

Simple tablet stand made from soft wood.


Super simple iPad stand build

Matthias Wandel

Cut from a piece of 2x4 lumber on the table saw and bandsaw.


DIY/How To Make an iPad/Tablet Stand

The Wood Pastor

A friend of mine asked me to make him his second Wood iPad/Tablet stand. The very first one I made was out of Red Oak. This one is Walnut. I honestly think this ...


How to make an iPad "cash" register

Learn how to make your own iPad "cash" register for use with a Square card reader. The stand pivots to face both sides of a counter. You can help support my ...


Wall-Mounted Tablet Arm!

Josh Millar

I made a tablet arm so I can watch Netflix in bed. It adjusts almost a full 360 DEGREES! This is more of a prototype/proof of concept. If I were to make another one ...


iPad stand/ holder / Diy Woodworking

Andrew Scheier

iPad stand/holder Maple and Walnut Published on January 1 2017 10:30 mst By Andrew Scheier Use caution when using power tools. This is not a How To.