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DIY Project: Wood Splitter Indoor // Slow Motion Welding

2 years ago Giaco Whatever

Me and David Windestal created this wood splitter for him to use in Sweden. It works better than I thought but a better machete would definitely improve its speed ...


DIY: Kindling Wood Splitter build-along made from free shop scrap!

1 month ago WheeliePete

After one too many close calls using an axe to split kindling, I decided to try and make something a little safer. If you're wondering about that Chopper1 axe head ...


DIY Wood Splitter

3 years ago Zombie Workshop

A wood splitte for instructables.


DIY log splitter

Small home made Log spliter V.1.


🔥 DIY Firewood Splitting With A Gas Powered Hydraulic Wood Splitter

4 years ago Dan Rogers

I began splitting firewood today for my wood fired maple syrup arch / evaporator that I intend on building in the garage this winter. The fire wood is mostly pine ...


Wood splitting indoors

8 years ago Bubblytubebob

Indoor wood splitting powered by solar and wind.


hand powered log splitter

homemade off grid log splitter easy to use requires no gas oil or hoses.


Kindling splitter made from an old axe head (no welding)

2 years ago woodlandmikey

I had an old axe where the handle had rotted where it connects to the axe head. I needed a kindling splitter. Here's what I came up with.


Making a kindling splitter/cracker

1 year ago Making Random

Update: Sorry, there's almost a minute of nothingness after the video ends. Not sure what I did to get that. I saw these kindling crackers for sale for over $100 and ...


How to make Kindling splitter made from an old axe head DIY

1 year ago Mr. DK DIY

For more DIY Videos click here.. How to make Kindling splitter ...


Safest Way to Split Kindling!

4 years ago SnowPlowLife

Purchase your own kindling cracker here!


amazing wood splitter machine homemade 2016

2 years ago Grazyhorse


Low Cost Electric Kindler

3 years ago Philip Ryan

Kindling , firewood maker.


How to make a DIY Kindling Cracker out of Rebar - Homemade Kindling Splitter

1 week ago The Provider

Tools and Materials I used in this video: Welder - 6011 Rods - 7014 Rods - Rebar ...


Make your own Kindling/Log splitter! Cheap!

9 months ago Do Everything

We make a Kindling splitter out of some 1/2 inch rebar and 1/4 inch flat stock steel. I didnt want to pay around 100 dollars for something I could make under 15 ...


Mick's Indoor/Outdoor kindling splitter- Specialized Tool

Mick's Indoor/Outdoor Kindling Splitter. As seen in this video- Make kindling with ease and safety. This tool will never break when used correctly to operators ...


Felling, Log Splitter, Kindling - getting a wood shed ready

4 weeks ago Survival Club

This video takes you through the process of getting wood ready for the winter.



Ebay special ! how much fun is it using this new LOG SPLITTER ! It's the indoor model !


My homemade wood splitter

7 months ago Neal Smith


Home made log splitter

2 years ago Jonathan Taylor