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Drill bit pen

Cactus! workshop

A heavy pen and a cap made from copper. First bbq is an annealing so that it does not eat the other bits. Second one is just to make the toasting even along the ...


Simplest Way to Drill in the Center of ANY Rod!


Don't Forget To - LIKE | SUBSCRIBE | SHARE In this tutorial, I'm showing you the simplest way to drill perfectly centered hole in any small rod with simple tools ...


Roto-Kut Ultra™ Hole Cutters by Kimball Midwest

Kimball Midwest

Roto-Kut Ultra™ Hole Cutter // View this Product on Kimball Midwest's Storefront: Features: • HEAVY-DUTY HOLE MAKERS - cut sheet ...


How To Introduction Polish With Dremel Please watch the introduction video on how to polish with the Dremel rotary tool. This is part 1 of the polishing series.


Spot welder using 500Farad super capacitor , Ultra capacitor as spot welder

American Tech

Buy this ultra capacitors here Spot welder using 500Farad super capacitor , Ultra capacitor as spot welder Related Videos 1. How to make ...


How to repair a hole in a copper pipe using a click fix patch repair

In this video I repair a hole in a copper pipe using a flowflex copper click fix 15mm pipe repair patch. These are a superb way of repairing damaged pipes as the ...


Turning Gisi Style Pen Blanks From 3D Printer

James Garwood

In this video I turn the 3d printed pen blanks that were printed for me on a Prusa I3 printer cast in alumilite resin in a handmade silicone mould. Printed by my ...


Making A Brass and Spring Steel Pocket Clip For My Pen + More Etching w/ Aluminum Black


This video is how to make a pocket clip out of spring steel and brass for a pen plus some etching using Aluminum Black on the MINI LATHE. (MUCH) More ...


How to make Steampunk vacuum tube USB drives

Make Build Modify

MORE PROJECT AND TIPS: I make and sell Steampunk USB drives from time to time. I usually do a batch for the Holiday sales ...


Best pipe fence built. How to saddle fishmouth pipe

Colton Brown

Saddling and uphill welding 2 3/8 to 2 7/8 post. Using a purox torch with 4202-3 tip. Also called fishmouth or coping pipe.


Custom Pen Turning - Making a Section.

shawn newton

Here I am turning a section for what will be a button filler. At the beginning I drilled a bit too deeply with my center drill bit and had to turn some off. The opening ...


PCB Drilling (How to drill in Printed Circuit Board)

Technical Hut

In this video we are showing that how can you drill at your printed circuit board easily. We are showing two types of drilling machine in this video one is hand ...



Will Dexter

I was inspired by a bottler opener I seen In Bass Pro the other day, although their bottle opener had a plastic antler. I had a small deer shed I found laying around ...


How to Cut Copper Pipe (5 Amazing Tools) -- by Home Repair Tutor

Home Repair Tutor

For bathroom remodeling tools and supplies please consider Learning how to cut copper pipe is easy. BUT it's nice to ...


Making a Retractable Metal Scribe out of Brass and Aluminum with a Starrett Tool tip


This video is how to make a fully retractable metal scribe out of brass and aluminum with a Starrett Tools tip on the MINI LATHE. (MUCH) More information below ...


TIP: Drill down the center of bar stock

TabLeft Workshop

Quick tip for drilling down the center of a dowel or bar stock for making bearings, bushings, nozzles, adapters, pipe stems, toys, etc Home Page : ...


Make an Aluminum | Brass PEN on a Lathe

Jake's Workshop

I always struggle when it comes to a day when I have to buy a gift for my friends birthday, but luckily this idea came into my mind and I was so enthusiastic how ...


Homemade Hookah/sheesha from a Glass Liquor Bottle

Dr Dexter

Hi Friends I want to show you how to make a hookah at home from improvised.I made it out of a Glass Wine/Liquor Bottle.It turned out very nice.It can be ...


Magnetic Chrome Resin Pen Turning

Magnetic Chrome Resin Pen Turning Gorilla Glue Gel: Crooked Mill Magnetic Pen: Savannah Pen Vise: ...


The Pen From Rock Point - Part 1

Ron Calverley

Several years ago I picked up a piece of driftwood as a souvenir. Now I plan to turn a couple of pens from it.