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DSLR Monitor from Android Tablet with DIY Tablet mount.

2 years ago Inspire To Make

Ever wish that you could use your tablet as a monitor for your camera? Well if you have a Canon camera and an Android Tablet now you can! In this video I'll ...


DSLR Dahsboard | Use a Tablet as a Live Monitor for your DSLR Camera

3 years ago PR Tech Reviews

This video will show you everything you will need and how to set up your live view monitor for a DSLR camera. Edit: Also, this video was made like 2 years ago.


DIY - Use your Smartphone as a DSLR Monitor

1 year ago Harsh Punjabi

This was my very first DIY video so I hope you guys liked it and if you did make sure to hit that like button. Buy the products mentioned in the video - Indian Links ...


How to Mount a Nexus 7 or Any Android Tablet to Your DSLR Camera - Quick & Easy DIY

4 years ago MrMovieGuy

Hey there DSLR filmmaker. You've figured out how to use your Android tablet (Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy, etc.) as a camera controller or monitor, but you need a ...


Turn your Tablet into a Preview / Field Monitor with DSLR Controller for Android

Ever wish that you could use your tablet as a monitor for your camera? Well if you have a Canon camera and an Android Tablet now you can! In this episode we ...


How To Build A Nexus 7 or Android Tablet Dslr Mount DIY

5 years ago Media Unlocked

In this video I show you how to build a Dslr mount for your Nexus 7. This will fit your hot shoe it will also work for other Android tablets if you can find a similar ...


Make a Tablet Mount for your Camera

4 years ago MARZACpro

This simple mount is extremely sturdy and versatile. With the ability to use your tablet as an external viewfinder, comes other advantages too: •Edit images ...


Use Smartphone / Tab as DSLR Monitor DIY Projuktimona

6 months ago Projuktimona

How to Use Smartphone/Tab as DSLR Monitor DIY Projuktimona মোবাইল ফোন কে বানান DSLR এর মনিটর 1. Hot Shoe Mount 2. Smart...


Tablet DSLR Monitor. How to set it all up with Q DSLR DASHBOARD

1 year ago Josh Zaring

Tablet DSLR Monitor. How to set it all up As I was considering getting a dedicated HDMI monitor, I stumbled across an INSANE deal on a Fire HD8. Knowing that ...


Nexus 7 tablet mount option for your DSLR RIG - DSLR FILM NOOB

6 years ago onelonedork I demonstrated the Nexus 7 tablet used as a DSLR controller and monitor a couple ...


How to Use a Phone or Tablet as a Monitor for DSLR Video

2 years ago Gerald Undone

Learn how to use an Android smartphone or tablet you can control and monitor the video of your camera using DSLR Controller. Also covers related accesories ...


Turn Your iPhone Into A Killer Video Monitor For Panasonic And Sony Cameras!

This $20 phone app gives you wifi monitoring and focus control for your camera! It also sports several other video features including vector scopes, waveforms, ...


Car Tablet Mount (DIY)

5 years ago drez20001

I've never liked the window suction mounts for phones and tablets so I designed a pretty simple tablet/iPad bracket for a 2005 Mustang. The parts are just ...


DIY Tablet-Halterung für das Nexus 7 als DSLR-Monitor

Allgemeines zum Thema Tablet als Kontrollmonitor seht ihr in Mikes Video: Google Nexus 7 Tablet 16GB: ...


DIY Android Auto Raspberry PI Head Unit, Rear View Camera, Navigation & Music

10 months ago Everlanders

Part 2 is Ready! A super quick, easy DIY Rear View, Navigation and Music system that runs on a Raspberry Pi with OpenAuto.


Turn your Android Tablet/Phone into a Preview Field Location Monitor

2 years ago AVME Videos

In this video I have explained how to turn your spare android phone or tablet into a location field monitor to use with your dslr camera. The items cost £19 plus ...


Mount iPad or Galaxy Tablet on Tripod, Studio Stand or Arm for Photogaphy or Film

7 years ago Tether Tools

The Tether Tools Connect and Studio Proper Wallee Modular Accessory Case seamlessly integrate the Apple iPad and Galaxy Tab 10.1 into the photography ...


Best Budget Camera Monitor (For Cameras Without Flip Screens)

1 year ago Think Media

Quick tips on how to create a cheap monitor for your camera using a smartphone or a laptop! **** Check out new videos in the "Best Budget YouTube Gear" ...


Connecting a Nikon DSLR to a tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 / Tab S

It is possible to greatly expand the capabilities of your digital SLR by tethering it to a tablet. The LAVA TL-002 makes it possible to use a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 ...


Make a Smart Mirror from an Old Tablet

8 months ago Adam Builds

How to make a smart mirror from an old tablet and a two-way mirror. Being able to charge it through mini USB is a win so you can take it everywhere.