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How to Make a Homemade Bottle Opener

Got It Made

Seems like everyone is making bottle openers these days after Jimmy Diresta did his Ten DIY Beer Bottle Openers video: ...


8 DIY Bottle Openers (Diresta Inspired)

Robert J. Keller

8 quick and simple ways to make bottle openers out of stuff you've probably got lying around the shop. Inspired by Jimmy Diresta's bottle opener video. For more ...


How To Make A Bottle Opener


This video will show you how I made simple bottle opener.I hope you will enjoy the video. Music provide by NoCopyrightSounds TRACK: Elektronomia ...


How to Make a Bottle Opener! (DIY)


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Ways To Open A Beer Without A Bottle Opener


For when ya don't have a light. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! MUSIC Freedom Of The City Audio Network ...


How to Make Nail Bottle Opener


If you've got a piece of wood and regular nail you can make this awesome bottle opener. How to open a bottle with a piece of paper: ...


Making wine bottle opener for $ 0.05

Michal Kadlec

Here is my easy vacation project. I'm making very simple wine opener from screw and piece of ash wood.


Easy DIY Upcycled Wrench Bottle Opener

Ryan J. Ridgley

Follow the process in making an easy bottle opener out of upcycled and re-purposed wrenches. For all things Barn Rat Studio follow these fantastic links: ...


DIY Bottle Opener

Cottage Life

Grab some old scraps of wood, and make a bottle opener! Start by cutting a 1x6 piece of pine at ¾”, making sure to sand any sharp edges. Mark and pre-drill a ...


How to make a DIY Bottle Opener and Magnetic Cap Catcher

Social Wood Works

How to make a DIY Bottle Opener and Magnetic Cap Catcher Buy one here: In this video I demonstrate the process that I ...


Make an Old Key Bottle Opener

Switch & Lever

If you're anything like me you've opened bottles in all sorts of imaginative ways, but wouldn't it be better still if we could just have a bottle opener with us.


How To Make A Wrench Bottle Opener

The Fab Forums

You ever have a pop top beer but no bottle opener? Here is a easy way to make your own bottle opener with a wrench. I like the idea of popping tops with car ...


☀ DIY one hand bottle opener

Stephan Pöhnlein

This bottle opener works better than any other bottle opener I know. Give it a try. #DIYJIG #Vorrichtung #selbermachen.


How to Make a Bottle Opener

Wm. Walker Co.

How to make a bottle opener out of mild steel, curly maple, and brass.


Beginner Blacksmithing Projects: A Bottle Opener Forged from Rebar


Hey everyone! Today we're forging a simple bottle opener out of rebar. This can also be done to the end of a fork, spoon, knife, or spork to give it an extra ...


Homemade Bottle Opener | Hacking the System

Brian Brushwood can open a beer bottle with a piece of paper. ➡ Subscribe: About National Geographic: National Geographic is ...


How to Open Bottle of Wine with a Lighter! Amazing Wine Life Hack

Hacker 007

How to remove the cork from a wine bottle using only a Lighter. Electric Wine Opener: (Amazon Affiliate) Usefull life hack if you haven't ...


Bottle Opener

Saw Dust Maker

Another darn bottle opener. This one has some features you may not see on other bottle openers. Saw Dust Maker website – ...


Man Up: Build a Better Bottle Opener

The Awesomer

There are lots of projects you could do around your house to make everyday things a little better. Sometimes you just need to man up and DIY. We dusted off our ...


How To Make A Beer Bottle Opener

Follow theses 16 easy steps to make a Beer Bottle Opener, using Gorilla Super Glue, scrap wood material, a bent nail, and a rare earth magnet.