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Fishing for Bikes in the Amsterdam Canals

Great Big Story

File this under “only in Amsterdam”: fishing for BIKES. As one of the world's most bicycle-friendly cities, there are, in fact, more bikes than humans in the Dutch ...


Fishing bicycle wrecks from the canals of Amsterdam


Each year Waternet, Amsterdam's Water Authority, fishes between 12000 and 15000 bicycles from the canals. The bikes were either discarded deliberately, ...


Bicycle fishing -- canal bikes --in Amsterdam

Frans Goddijn

Kostverlorenvaart, 14 mei 2018, canal bikes.


Fishing for bicycles in Amsterdam canals

AP Archive

(10 Mar 2011) AP Television Amsterdam, Netherlands - March 1st, 2011 1. Close of bicycle handlebars, tracking shot travelling along cycle lane 2.


Fishing Bicycles

André Tribbensee

"Fishing Bicycles" is part of a series of preparing workshops, providing Temporary Academy with free transportation and food. Fishermen: Timo Helmers, Atle ...


Bicycle Fishing in Amsterdam with Daily Planet

Discovery Canada

Dan Riskin, host of Daily Planet, takes you behind the scenes on a shoot for the TV series in Amsterdam. The team goes fishing for bicycles lost in canals.


Bicycle manouvers in amsterdam

Antonio Silveira

Video for a guy with extreme control of his bike, unfortunately at the end he falls down.


Fishing bicycles out of Amsterdam canal


Watch as city workers remove discarded bicycles.


Fishing boat and bicycles from canal in Amsterdam

The things you can find in Amsterdam's canals. . .


Travel Amsterdam: Bicycles


Join Sonia Gil for a ride through true bicycle culture in Amsterdam. Bike parking lots, bike bridges, and cyclists who snack and text while they ride. These people ...


Amsterdam Gopro bicycle ride from Central Station to the Vondelpark


Amsterdam bicycle ride from Central Station to the Vondelpark with Gopro Hero 3 August 2013 Long raw one take shot cycling a nice route to show the ...


Freestyle - Amsterdam Street Fishing!

Check out our blog below! 21-22/10/2017 Amsterdam Open Street Event. Music By The Passion ...


Why Does Amsterdam Have So Many Bikes?

Levi Hildebrand

It was so awesome to create this video to explain why there are so many bikes in this iconic city. But having this many bikes has a ripple effect throughout the ...


Stealing bikes in Amsterdam


As we are developing a new lock to prevent a thief from stealing your bike, we wondered how hard it would actually be to steal a bike. We decided to test it ...


Attach a removable milk crate to your bicycle


I wanted a non-permanent and non-labor intensive way of having a milk crate attached to the back of my bike. I had some gear ties lying around so I used those ...


Bike fishing in Amsterdam

leslie edwards


Fishing bikes in Amsterdam's canal

Roberto Perez

Did you lose your beloved bike? Broken parts? Somebody stole it?! Worry no more! This man can get you a recycled bike in no time.


Bike fishing in Amsterdam

Katalin Péterfi


Amsterdam Canal Fishing for Bikes


The Amsterdam municipality contracts with waste recycle companies to buy the metal debris that is periodically pulled from the canals by city workers.


World's biggest bicycle study: The Bike Study Week in Amsterdam Region

Verkeer & Meer

The biggest bicycle research project in the world was conducted in the Amsterdam Region in September 2015, when 8000 cyclists volunteered to track their ...