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How to Forge a Pair of Blacksmithing Tongs Out of Rebar

2 years ago BackyardBowyer

Hey everyone! A lot of you have been asking how I make rebar tongs, so here they are! These are a bit bigger than the ones I normally use because I've been ...


Making Simple Rebar Tongs for Blacksmithing

In this video, we are making a simple pair of rebar tongs for blacksmithing. These rebar tongs work great for common forging projects. We got two pieces of 2 feet ...


Forged Rebar Tongs - Making It Yourself

2 years ago Dan The Maker Man

This started off as something completely different but end up as a pair of rebar tongs. I plan to use these for holding knife blades while I heat treat them.


Blacksmithing - Forging Bolt Tongs From Rebar - Ugly But Functional

Ok this one is for the newbies like me that need some functional tongs but haven't mastered making tongs that look good and function well. Also this is for the ...


A Different Way of Forging Beginner Blacksmith Tongs

In this video, I show you a different way of forging beginner blacksmith tongs. In step by step tutorial fashion, I walk you through beginner tong making.


Rebar Blacksmith Tongs Update and Some New Knives Vlog

2 years ago Nicholas Tomihama

Hey everyone! A lot of you have been asking for a video on rebar tongs, so here's a little update plus a sneak peek of the finished pair of tongs for the video.


How To Make Rebar Tongs - No Forge Required - Blacksmith

This is my way of how to make rebar tongs. How to make a pair of blacksmith tongs can be complicated. How to make blacksmith tongs from rebar is quite easy ...


how to forge a rebar snake. a simple blacksmith project

2 months ago elmcityvintage

this is a very simple blacksmith project. forging a snake out of a small piece of rebar. give it a shot. its a lot of fun music by big fat combo.


Can you forge rebar into tools?

In this video, we touch on the question, "can you forge rebar into tools?" I work at forging rebar tools and make suggestions for rebar forging projects. I've heard ...


Wood Stove Forge - Forging Tongs from Rebar

6 months ago OrdinaryWorld

After adding a third burner to my wood stove forge, I decided to experiment with making a pair of tongs using rebar. I also take a look at using the popular 66lb ...


My First time Blacksmithing (Making a pair of tongs)

Today I make my first attempt at Blacksmithing. It goes... okay. I make a few mistakes but I do end up making something functional. I will be making a machete ...

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Blacksmithing for beginners - Forging blacksmith tongs 5

2 years ago DF - In The Shop

Part 5 Blacksmithing for beginners - forging blacksmith tongs 5 shows how to forge bolt tongs.


BLACKSMITHING - rebar tongs part 1

1st video working at forge set up 2nd set of tong. i will have more videos as i edit, on finishing this set and making another + R&R SPIKE KNIFE.


Beginner Rebar Blacksmith Tongs

2 years ago HowYouCanDoItToo

This is my very first attempt at blacksmithing a pair of tongs out of rebar. It was a lot of fun making these.


Forging Blacksmithing Tongs

First blacksmithing project done! Flatbit tongs ready to work. Be aware that I'm a complete novice in blacksmithing so take what you see with a grain of salt!


Blacksmithing - Hand Forging a pair of blacksmiths tongs / Flatbit Tongs

workingwithiron presents Forging tongs step by step no step skipped. Basic blacksmithing techniques to make your own flat bit blacksmiths tongs. hand forging ...


Blacksmithing - Forging a pair of bolt tongs

4 years ago Torbjörn Åhman

Topic - How to forge blacksmith tongs. I show how a pair of bolt tongs can be forged. Some of the techniques used are inspired by the work of Toby Hickman.


My Method for Forging Blacksmith Tongs

I show my method for forging blacksmith tongs. These blacksmith tips and tricks will come in handy so you can create your own diy blacksmith tongs. Making ...


DIY Blacksmith Forging a Fork From a Piece of Rebar - Post Apocalyptic Fork

1 year ago BackyardBowyer

Hey everyone! Here's a hand forged fork made from 1/2" rebar. I'm planning on making a set with a spoon, steak knife, butter knife, and maybe even a spork.