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Timber Framing Chisel

Here is my first attempt at making a timber framing chisel. Facebook: Twitter: ...


Forging a Timber Framing Slick

Garage workshop

In this video I forge a timber framing slick from a piece of 6mm (1/4'') thick mild steel with a width of 70mm (2.77'') and a piece of high carbon tool steel forge ...


Hand forged slick cleans knee brace tenon

My hand forged slick cleans knee brace tenon for my upcoming timber frame house.


Blacksmithing - First Attempt At Forging A Timber Slick or Chisel

I have a commission for a timber slick or chisel... never using nor made one before this is my first go at it... Using a reclaimed leaf spring has risks... and ...


Timber Framing Slick - Paul Krzyszkowski - Toronto Blacksmith

Paul Krzysz

Want to learn Blacksmithing online? Check out this awesome online school!!! Showing off a recent carving axe I made.


Slick operation

Steve Lawrence

A comparison of three slicks and a large framing chisel. #timber framing #traditional carpentry #slick #


Making a socket chisel

Watch master blacksmith Alex Schreiber as he makes a socket chisel. Trained in the mid 90's at Eveleigh Locomotive Workshops in Redfern, Sydney, he has ...


Forging a timber slick chisel!


Mangling a 2x6 with a framing slick

Kirby Weldon

Just mangling some 2x6 for fun and profit. It's ridiculous how much cutting uumph a slick has. This is a 3 1/2" timber framing slick. Cast steel, unknown date.


Preparing a Rived Board 03: How to Use a Timber Slick

Ian Slatas

Hi YouTube, In a previous video ( I described why a slick can be used to flatten and smooth a green wood ...


Make a Bark Scraper from a Cheap Chisel - Woodworking Project

Timber Anew

I have a ton of logs to scrape the bark from and a drawknife and axe just wasn't cutting it (get it?) so I decided to make a bark scraper/bark peeler/bark spud from ...


Timber Framing Tools. - A video tutorial on repairing a chisel from Old Sneelocks Workshop

Joe, owner of Joe's Bucket-O-Rust had a chisel with a smashed handle socket. Through the Old Tools list Joe was able to reach me with a request to repair his ...


Forging a Socketed Chisel with Med Chandler at NESM


Here Blacksmith Med Chandler of Ship's Coy Forge makes a socketed chisel with a forge welded 1084 bit. This was a part of his timber framing tool class at the ...



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Bevelling a board with slick and plane

The Quiet Workshop

It's only a minute long because it's edited for Instagram. I put it here to support the blog post about slicks at


Timber Framing Forged Corner Chisel | 2 Wranglerstar


Time to restore a beautiful hand forged timber framing corner chisel. I'll use Japanese water stones to restore the cutting edge. Where to purchase Japanese ...


Restoring Timber Framing Chisels


I dug a few more gems out of the tool box. This time I'm restoring and re-handling 3 timber framing chisels. Please like, subscribe, and share! All rights to music ...


OSF Special Feature - Stuggling to Forge Weld Of The Timber Slick Socket Uncut

A special feature to the timber slick video that shows an uncut and lengthy example of the struggle I had to forge weld the socket of the slick.


My Timber Framing Tools

Here are some of my timber framing tools I have acquired over the past 18 months in order to build the Timber Frame Barn Project. I have a lot of woodworking ...


Re grinding the bevel on a 3" Greenlee Slick

Jeff Heath

Grinding a new bevel on a vintage chisel, especially a large 3" slick, can be a major undertaking. In this video, I show how to do it very quickly, on a tool needing ...