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Forging a Tomahawk from a Railroad Spike

Miller Knives facebook page Here is how I forged a tomahawk from a rail road spike.


Blacksmithing Knifemaking - Hand Forged Bush Craft Ax Tomahawk From A Railroad Spike

Wanted to make a hand/handheld tool for bushcraft and camping. Started with a high carbon railroad spike and went from there.


Forging the mini railroad spike tomahawk - blacksmith challenge - part 1

Black Bear Forge

After the other days failed attempt to forge a rail spike tomahawk, I thought we would make a second (successful) attempt. This mini railroad spike was made as a ...


Forging a Viking Ax from A Railroad Spike; Backyard Blackmsmithing and Hewing a Hickory Handle

Phil Baumhardt

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Forging Mouse Hawk / Throwing Axe

In this video I forge a simple Mouse Hawk / Throwing Axe from an American railway spike. Thanks to Nathan Davies for filming and striking. Follow me on ...


How to Forge a Railroad Spike Hatchet!


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Why Forge Railroad Spikes? - Explained by a Blacksmith

Wolf's Den Forge

In this video I go into some details about why I still make knives out of railroad spikes and why you should to. Thanks for watching, and please like, subscribe, ...


Railroad Spike Hatchet / Tomahawk Demo


A demonstration of how I forge spikes into hatchets and tomahawks. This demo was recorded as part of my Wednesday Livestream- "Today at the forge" series ...


Forging a Native American Style Tomahawk (Axe) using Railroad Spike - Part 1

The WorldUS

Forging a Tomahawk from A Railroad Spike This is a video on how I make tomahawk's. Before I made my first one, I watched a lot of other videos. There is no ...


Blacksmithing Knifemaking - Forging A Ram's Head Railroad Spike Knife

I have made one of these before, thought it was time to do it again. It's alot of work on a small scale but keeps you "sharp" lol.


Forging the mini railroad spike tomahawk - blacksmith challenge - part 2

Black Bear Forge

Continuing our mini railroad spike project. I will discuss briefly the differences in annealing and normalizing steel. We will finish our tomahawk then harden, ...


How To Forge A Rail Spike Axe

Josh A. Weston



Railroad Spike Forged Hot Set / Chisel - Blacksmithing Ep. 3

Todd LeShane

This week, I forged a small hot set from an old railroad spike, and a broom handle. Serenity by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ...


Superior Forge - Forging a Railroad spike knife

Superior Forge

In this video, I show how I forge a knife out of a Railroad spike, with a high carbon steel bit welded into the blade for extra edge holding ability. Check out my ...


Railroad spike tomahawk forge

Charlie Bozza

Tomahawk head forged from a railroad spike. Handle formed from a railroad tie. Repurposed old material into a working hatchet. 5 hours of work time lapsed ...


Making a Drift For Axe and Hammer Heads

How to make a forged drift tool.


Forging a Railroad Spike Tomahawk

Phill Martin

In this video I forge a small bearded tomahawk out of a railroad spike.


Forging a Railroad Spike Knife

In this video, we are forging a simple railroad spike knife. We are using our new propane forge from our previous video. A train spike doesn't make the best knife ...


Railroad Spike Tomahawk Demo


This is a demo I did of making a rail spike tomahawk for my guild.


Forging a Spiked Tomahawk from a Ball Peen Hammer

Burning Oak Forge

In this video, we forged an old ball peen hammer into a spiked tomahawk. We first opened the eye then forged the blade of the tomahawk. After, we forged the ...