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Forging two Stainless Steel Cross Peen Hammers

Garage workshop

In this video I forge two cross peen hammers from stainless steel. One is a small regular cross peen while the other is in warrington style pattern. I've made both ...


Forging a blacksmith cross peen hammer (my style)

Glen GS Tongs

In this video, I show and explain the making of a my style of cross peen hammer. website: email: If you would like ...


Blacksmithing - forging a cross peen hammer (swedish variant)

Andrew Hanowski

in this video i hand forge a Swedish style cross peen hammer. typically Swedish hammers have a more narrow peen and a square face, so this is my take on it ...


re-forging hammers, ball, cross, straight peen

To quench my insatiable thirst for even bigger hammers, i took two "mini sledge" hammers and re-forged and ground them to produce useful hammers for forge ...


Fullered cross peen hammer

Giving a 3,5lbs fullered cross peen hammer a test drive to find out of the heat treatment was right. If there are any misalignments, I will find them too and correct ...


Forging a cross peen hammer part 2

Today we complete the hammer forged in the previous video. We will grind, harden, temper and finally hang the hammer head on a hickory handle Thank you ...


Forging a Cross-Pein Hammer.

Local South East Queensland Blacksmith Andy, specializing in tool making shows us his take on the traditional best friend of the smith, the cross-pein if you want ...


Blacksmithing - Forging a 2lb cross pein hammer from a rear axel - Part 6 Starting the cross pein


Forging the cross pein, or at least starting to.


forging a couple of hammers

Ethan Harty

here are some scenes from forging a straight peen, and a rounding hammer. both 2.5 lbs. if you have any questions, please ask in the comments, and if you are ...


Cross, Straight, and Diagonal Peen Hammers Blacksmith Hammers #2

Voo Doo Tennessee

How cross peen, straight peen and diagonal peen hammers work. this is the first of the promised blacksmith hammer videos! Next up is Ball-Peens,


Restoring a small forging hammer

wood and stuff

This is a REUPLOAD of the previous video! Now with funky background music... Music by Kevin MacLeod.


Ball Peen Hammers Blacksmith Hammers #3

Ball-Peen hammers you love em, I love em here is what they do for blacksmiths! Into to Blacksmith Hammers Blacksmith Hammers #1 ...


Forging a hot set from ball peen hammers/Re-purposing/Workshop of Death

Cats Cradle Forge

Join me as I forge my first hot set from old hammer heads and making handles for them. Flint and Steel Survival ...


Forging a Swedish Style Cross Peen Hammer!

Not only Wood

Forging a swedish style Cross Peen Hammer! In this Video I forge a Swedish Style Cross Peen Hammer with my dad as a striker. I forged it from a Club Hammer ...


How to Forge a Rounding Hammer

Alec Steele

How to forge a rounding hammer with a striker! This is a 2.5lbs hammer made from 1045 steel. To learn more about making your own tools ...


Forging a Cross Peen Hammer! Trust Me I'ma Blacksmith

Daniel Moss

me forging a cross peen hammer for the new online collection.


Handling the cross pein hammer and hammer eye punch


Finishing off these two I have been working on for a while.


Forged Ball-Peen Hammer

Brett McAfee

Challenge: Mr. Tony Roleau graced us with his presence, and brought along my first touchmark! I wanted to return the favour by making him a ball-peen hammer ...


GPW 48 - DIY Off-center Handle for a Small Cross Peen Hammer

GP Woodworks

Practicing turning hammer handles on a little cross peen hammer.


Forging a Hammer by Hand from Stainless Steel (Part 1)

Join along as I'm forging a hammer by hand from stainless steel. The type of blacksmith hammer I'm making is a planishing hammer. Hand forging stainless ...