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Blacksmithing - Forging a woodworkers holdfast

Torbjörn Åhman

Here I show how to forge a woodworkers holdfast, with a bit of file work for added detail. Check out my recommended tools/gear: ...


Blacksmith Forged Traditional Woodworkers Holdfast

Robin Sharples

Robin Sharples forges a simple woodworkers holdfast from 5/8" round mild steel bar.


Forging a holdfast - traditional work bench work holding tool

Black Bear Forge

Holdfasts have long been used by woodworkers for securing work to the work bench. This video shows some of the step in the making of a traditionally styled ...


Making a Duck Bill Holdfast

Timothy DC

Holdfasts are an essential part of woodworking. I have created many design and have landed on a design of holdfast i really like. This has a low profile and uses ...


Forging a simple holdfast for wood working, black bear forge

This simple holdfast if forged from 11/16" cold rolled steel for a good fit in a 3/4" hole. While these can certainly be made entirely by hand. I am showing the way I ...


What is a Holdfast and How to use a Hold Fast Hand Tool for the Work Bench

Wood By Wright

The Hold Fast is a tool that has been around for thousands of years and here are a few ways you can use it. As a hand tool, there are few that are simpler than ...


Hand Forging Woodworking Holdfast

Timothy DC

I forge my own wooodworking holdfast. Starting with 3/4" square stock. #holdfast #forging #blacksmithing.


Forged Roubo style holdfast

Contact me: This is a holdfast I have forged for a customer to his size requirements. It's a lovely style of holdfast. Those French sure ...


Woodworking tools - Forging a hold fast - Roubo-style

A project I made for the Belgian carpenter, Mathieu.


Work holding options for the anvil – blacksmithing for beginners

Chasing your work around on the anvil can be very frustrating. Today we look at some holdfasts and other work holding options for the anvil. Including a ...


Blacksmithing Project - Forging The Hold Fast

DF - In The Shop

This blacksmithing project shows how the blacksmith made this simple but effective clamp.


Homemade Holdfasts - $5 for Two

Pask Makes

This was a very simple project - nothing to it really. I thought it was worth showing the process though. I didn't go crazy and make something super beautiful, I just ...


Wooden Holdfasts | Barilettes

Making Tools From Trees.


Forging a Holdfast

Bodger Don Weber takes us into his simple forge area to share the reasonably simple steps to create a holdfast. For more from Don Weber, go to ...


Blacksmith Made Woodworking Holdfast

Joshua Klein

Shepherd's hook style. 11/16" cold rolled steel for 3/4" holes in 2 1/4" thick bench. Made by Maine blacksmith Jerry Gallant.


Roubo Holdfast, the First Whack

Blacksmith and white smith Peter Ross made this copy of the holdfast shown in Andre Roubo's 18th-century book on woodworking that I use on my French ...


Anvil Hold down

Gary Huston

An alternative hold down, it uses a slight spring in it to wedge itself in the hardy hole.


Using the Roubo holdfast - small test run

Here is a little test run of the Roubo holdfast. Some of you were curious if it works or not. And acutally so was I. So I set it up that I can do a little test that ...


Making a Chain Holdfast ✔

Friis Forge

Unsatisfied with my current hold down methods I create a modified bike chain hold down/ holdfast tool. I also get to use my new to me solvent tank to clean the ...

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Woodworkers Holdfast

Harry Pali