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Building a FishTower in the Pond


Why would an Aquarium only be for inside use? I made one in my Pond, sort of Watch Tower, or Panorama Suite for my Pond Fish. Easy to make and.. They love ...


Huge inverted aquarium/ upside down fish tank ( part 1)

Dramatic Aquatics

Huge inverted aquarium/ upside down fish tank. After finding 3 large pieces of glass which are tough'nd and one ordinary piece we make an upside down fish ...


INVERTED fish tank in pond tutorial, cheap set-up and very easy to do. fish viewing tower


pond fish tank tutorial video. INVERTED fish tank in pond tutorial, cheap set-up and very easy to do. fish viewing tower or feeding fish check out this series below ...


How to Build a Pond (Above Ground)

Working in the garden & building a pond...


How to Build a Fish Pond Part 4 - Finished Pond


Part 4 of a 4 part series on how to build a fish pond. This video shows the finished pond working and explains the workings of the pump and filter system.


3 Above Water Fish Tanks

Titan Top List

3 Amazing Above Water Fish Tanks An above water fish tank or aquarium is like any normal fish tank but it's an extension of a outdoor body of water like a pond.


How to build a Fish Pond - Part 8 | Pond Construction Rock Placement (2 of 2)


Proper rock placement during pond construction is critical when you get to the top level. In this video we cover important coping stone techniques and tips to ...


How to build a Fish Pond - Part 16 | Waterfall Lighting Install


Good lighting is an essential part in a waterfalls design. Learn how to do it right the first time. Detailed waterfall lighting installation instructions.


DIY upside down fishbowl aquarium

Liaan Lategan

In order to see your fish better in a pond, why not create an upside-down fishbowl aquarium to easily see them. To become a Wild Wanderer and join the ...


Building a suspended multi level aquarium INCREDIBLE

Fishing Fantasy

This video and my other video got deleted due to a YouTube glitch that deletes your videos streaming to the T.V. Make sure to drop a like so we can get this ...


How to build a Fish Pond - Part 10 | Pond Lighting Installation


Detailed pond lighting installation instructions on how to install your underwater lights. Good lighting is an essential part in a well designed fish pond. Learn how ...


Make A Vacuum Suspended Fish Tank


This is an interesting way to turn a classic science experiment into a functioning addition to a fish tank. It makes a pretty cool display! Be sure if you try this to ...


Building a Fish Tower in the pond / How do i build a fish tower in the pond

Fish Tower Building a Fish Tower. In this video i show you how i build my fish tower. Explaination below: 1. make a platform 2. make a frame that can hold you ...


How to Build Unique Multi Level Aquarium v2.0

The Q

How to Build Unique Multi Level Aquarium v2.0 In this video I show you how to build unique multi level aquarium from acrylic glass. All needed measurments are ...


Pond Expansion Acrylic View Port

Jason Lye

An opportunity to re-do my pond, and install a viewing dome. The stream part of my pond got all overgrown. I decided to take it out, and build a deeper section ...


How to Build an Above Ground Pond


Did you know that having a pond doesn't mean it has to be in the ground? This is an above ground pond using readily available landscape blocks. Simple steps ...


Pond overflow! What happens when it rains too much? FarmCraft101


The pond is overflowing after heavy rains. The 60 foot wide spillway is designed to allow excess water to flow around the dam without harm, and it does it's job ...


10 Fish Pond Plants - Examples of Aquatic Plants with Names

The Pond Advisor

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How To Build a Net Pot For A Fish Pond

Wayne Meador

In this video I show How I Built A Net Pot For My Fish Pond for FREE. It's very simple to build your own net pot, all you need is a couple of minutes and some ...


How to build a natural looking garden fish pond with waterfall


Click here for my pond maintenance video New 2016 update video, click here to see how the pond looks now, 3 years on ...