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Knife making - making a neck knife from an old file

2 years ago Miller Knives

face book page Here is a simple neck knife I made from an old file. Thanks to Kreuzkopf for the idea.


How to make a survival neck knife out of an old file blade making blanks

5 years ago Texas Blades

I hope you enjoy and thanks for watching. Facebook Randough Survivor ...


Knife making / making a small knife from an old file

2 years ago Ackmack

I build a small fixed blade knife from an old file - with using simple tools. Very short video - 3.20 min. - ACKMACK-


Knife Making - How To Make A Belt Knife From An Old Broken File.

9 months ago OUTDOORS55

Knife making, how to make a knife from an old broken file. This is just me making a knife from a broken file. I first annealed the file so it could be drilled and ...


Making a Neckknife from an old Sawblade

1 year ago HalkdelawweDu

Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen zu meinem neuen Video ! Heute zeige ich euch wie ich ein Neckknife baue ! (inspired by Böker) Ich hoffe das Video gefällt euch ...


Easy Knife Build from a File

Here is a simple knife build that could be done in one day with basic tools. The steel is from an old Nicholson file.


Knife making making a neck knife from an old file - Miller Knives

10 months ago Magen Harpin

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Knife making - How to make a Nessmuk knife from an old file

1 year ago EmmerKnives

If you like this knife please visit my Instagram page for more: This knife was designed with the help of Frank from ...


Knife making - making a simple Japanese Kiridashi from an old file

2 years ago Miller Knives

Facebook page In this video I show you how I made a kiridashi from an old file.


Make Necklace Knife From Old Wrench

Visit: for more detailed information. This is a Necklace knife I made using an old wrench as a small ...


Making a Simple DIY Knife from a File No Forge Needed

1 year ago BackyardBowyer

Hey everyone! Here's another quick knife, this one is made from an 8 inch file. I wanted to show you how I would go about making a knife with only a bench ...


Making a Beautiful Knife from an old file - only tool 1x30 belt sander

3 years ago SCC Knives

Handmade knife. Message me any feedback.


Neck Knife from a File

6 years ago Doberman Knives

For the Trolls :) Bubinga scales with brass pins. Should I make a batch of these? Annealed/Heat Treated/Tempered by me. Spineshank in the background ...


knifemaking - making a knife from old file

7 years ago Trollskyy

Trollsky custom knives now on facebook!/pages/Trollsky-custom-knives/203079099749271 Last sunday I was visiting flea market ...


Making a knife from an old file...

2 years ago Dave Makes

this is my first try at hand filing a knife, the jig was quick and simple to make. patreon: ...


Make a Neck Knife! No Fancy-Shmancy Tools Required!

3 months ago Walter Sorrells

The title says it all. You can make a nice little neck knife without all those uber expensive tools that all the cool kids on Youtube have. Knife maker Walter Sorrells ...


réalisation d'un couteau - knife making - neck knife

1 year ago Daniel Reichert


DIY small knife (neck knife?)

5 months ago Lazy watchsmith

I need a small knife for my EDC. So I made this neck knife type thing. My instagram Be safe. Do not do what I do!



1 year ago LUCA' S GARAGE

Thanks for watching!


How to make a mini-cleaver neck knife ( to Celebrate National Knife Day!)

1 year ago FargoFX

What better way to mark National Knife Day than to make a mini-cleaver style neck knife? (Much thanks to SimpleLittleLife for the reminder about National Knife ...