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Adjustable Disc Sander and Miter Gauge for a Lathe


You can find lot's of disc sander solutions on the web, but this one is different! If you have a lathe and don't want to buy a separate spinning thingy which eats up ...


How to convert the lathe into a DIY disc sander

Scrap wood City

I did not have a disc sander and I decided to make one. I am not the first one who does that conversion, you can watch a few other people that made similar ...


DIY Wood Lathe Disc Sander

George Fotinakes

A simple method to build a very efficient disc sander & dust pick-up for about $5.


53 - How to Make a 20 Inch Disc Sander For a Lathe 1 hour project

Make a 20 Inch Disc Sander Using a Lathe I make a lot of Keepsake and jewelry boxes, as well as doing segmented turning on the lathe. I needed a big disc ...


12inch disc sander-020

in this video Patrick shows you how to make a all wood 12 inch sanding disc for the lathe with out a metal face plate or a 4 jaw chuck he uses a beal spindal tap ...


12" Disk Sander on my Lathe

I made several 12" sanding disks and a table to mount on my lathe.


DISC SANDER - how to build it for a lathe - diy

Pablo Soriano

Sometimes you need to fit little pieces like a nut and can be difficult to give the proper shape because they can't be easily clamped. Furthermore, when you are ...


Giant 16" Disc Sander for the Lathe

Jackman Works

I do this for a living, help me live? ▻Please share and subscribe?


Making Homemade 12 inch Disc Sander Lathe Attachment Part 1

Marcello Bianchi

Making Homemade 12 inch disc sander lathe attachment Part 1. I've made a disc sanding attachment for my lathe Its made out of construction grade plywood ...


12 inch Disc Sander // How I made it

Everyone is make a disc sander. Why not me? Here is my attempt at making the sander and why its cooler that the others ;) The motor is half hp motor from ...


My Homemade Disk Sander

By request, a better look at some of the details of my homemade 12" disk sander. The video showing the build: Website build ...


Making a Disk Sander for a lathe

A step by step guide to making a disk sander for a lathe. Part of my first attempt of a YouTube Video. Created with Wondershare Filmora.


Lathe Disc Sander


WW'nTip-of-Day #068: Lathe Disc Sander Transmogrifying the lathe today to make a poor man's Disc Sander.


making a Disk Sander for the Lathe

I'm making a disk sander for my lathe with just a faceplate and a piece of scrap wood.


How to use a table saw as a disc sander

Sids woodworking

If you don't have the space or money to buy more tools try this. Turn your table saw into a disc sander. It's easy to do and you can make one tool do more ...


Homemade Lathe & Disc Sander Part3

In this third and last video I'll make the Disc Sander. More info and plans: Where to get some materials ...


EASY Lathe Disc Sander


How I made an easy Lathe Disk Sander based on my lathe. All my Links, social Media & Pencil art: ○ (WARNING: contains explicit content) ...


Disc Sander for a Lathe

A fairly quick video of a 12" disc sander with dust extraction I built for my lathe. Most larger lathes Have a hole pattern for a bed extension. I decided to make use ...


How to Make a Disc Sander

DIY FixMan

Thank you very much to all my YouTube followers. Thank you for your great support. You are the ones who motivate me to make interesting new videos for you.


How to Replace a Sanding Disc | Tricks of the Trade

Following up on a promise from a previous trick, in this video we take a look at how to replace the sandpaper on a disc sander. If, "big deal" is running through ...