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How to Make an Air Pump for Aquarium using bottle

DIY : Learn how to make a simplest air pump using plastic bottle and balloon for home aquarium. Let's check out website for all major details: ...


DIY aquarium air pump without electricity


In this video, I am making of free energy aquarium air pump for backup air source during a power outage.


Air Pump - How To Make An Air Pump For Aquarium Using Plastic Bottle |

Cut N' Create

Easy and simple way to make an Air Pump for aquarium. This video demonstrates how to construct a Air Pump using plastic bottle. Background music: What ...


How to make aquarium Air Pump using plastic bottle

DIY Maker


Filtering aquarium with air pump

Michael Langerman

I use two plastic straws with diameters of 7 and 8 mm. The thinner straw fits freely inside of the thicker straw. The standard 5 mm diameter air tube fits freely in the ...


How to make Air Pump for balloon at home using BOTTLE - DIY

Learn how to make air pump for balloon at home using BOTTLE. This ballon pump can be used for water pump, aquarium, Fish Tank, Cycle.


How to make an air pump for aquarium. uses no electricity

Home made( Aerator) Oxygen system for aquarium. no more energy source and electricity bill 100% free energy.


How to Make a Air Pump - For home Aquarium

Learn how to make a Air Pump at home, using things that are easily available. Things required for making Air Pump 1. Vicks VapoRub Bottle 2. DC Motor 3.


easy make dual mini air pump at home


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How to Make a Mini Electric Air Pump for Home Aquarium - DIY

How to Raju

By watching this video, you can learn how to make a Mini Aquarium Air Pump at home. Thank you for Watching. Subscribe to our How-to-Raju Channel here: ...


How to Make an Air Pump with Syringe

Creative Fun

Instructions on how to make an air pump at home with syringe and speed-reducer motor 12v Please SUBSCRIBE to Follow new Uploads: ...


how to make aquarium air pump for fish tank - home easily-aquarium air compressor oxygen

how to make an air pump at home easily aquarium air pump #howtomake# airpump #homemade #air compressor cuffaro aquarium water pump air filter oxygen.


How to Make Air Pump at Home with DC Motor


Here you can learn How to Make Mini Air pump Homemade with house hold item things using Bottle cap. DIY Mini Air Pump Making at home. you can use it for ...


COCA COLA Bottle Oxygen Pump For Aquarium Without Electricity HOMEMADE IDEAS

Mr Technic

COCA COLA Bottle Oxygen Pump For Aquarium Without Electricity HOMEMADE IDEAS youtube channel : Facebook: ...


How to make an air pump


This video shows how to make a simple air pump at home which can be used in your fish tank and for other applications too. Yous can also buy the things ...


how to make air pump with bottle

Make It Easy

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Air pump water filtering bottle aquarium

Michael Langerman

We can use a tube built in at the bottom of the aquarium for cleaning the aquarium, adding water and air (oxygen) to the water. I showed it in previous videos in ...


DIY- How to Make an Air Pump

Tech Rocker

How to Make an Air Pump for home Aquarium #Air #Pump #TechRocker components: 1. water bottle cap 2. balloon 3. Tube 50cm 4. Mini DC Motor 5. 9v DC ...


EASY DIY: Sponge filter for aquarium -sponge filter bottle for shrimp tank


Fast Video of creating a sponge filter for aquarium use. For my shrimp tank DIY for your fish , for your fish tanks. *Notes* •you can use any bottle to recycle just ...


DIY: Powerful aquarium filter you would've never seen before


I'm sure you'll love this simple yet powerful aquarium filter driven by air pump.