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How to make edge clamps for 40 cents

izzy swan

For 40 cents you can make really handy woodworking clamp in around a minute. Squeeze clamps and edge clamps are useful in all kinds of woodworking ...


TIP: Cheap DIY Edge Clamps

TabLeft Workshop

Just a quick tip to make your own edge clamps. This is similar to the "Rockler Bandy Clamp" but at a fraction of the cost. For the price of two bandy clamps you ...

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Wood edge clamps

Phil Raphan


make your own quick and easy edge banding clamps

just a quick video of how I made my edge banding clamps with some cheap squeeze clamps a inner tube and some epoxy . thank you for watching.


How To Make $1 Edge Banding Clamps | Woodworking Clamp Hack

Make as many as these Edge Band Clamps as you want for only one dollar each. These will save you tons of money compared to buying name brand clamps.


$1 Edge Banding Clamps! - How To

Make Everything

In this video I show you how to make awesome edge banding clamps for about $1 each. These are SO convenient to have around the shop and can be made in ...


Simple edge clamps made from scraps


Edge clamps made from scraps.


BESSEY® Edge Clamps EKT, KF, EC, KT Demo


Demonstration of BESSEY® Edge Clamps Tired of the frustration that comes with installing edging? BESSEY® has applied its quality engineering and ...


Woodworking Tip: Cheap Edge Clamps


Clamping edging on can be a tricky problem. Try this simple tip to apply edging, without buying special clamps. Subscribe to Woodsmith to receive tips, plans, ...


Solutions for Gluing on Edge Banding With Clamps

Lots of projects call for some kind of edge banding. The edge banding might be thin pieces you're applying to European style cabinet cases, slightly larger ...

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RJ Sauvé

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Martin Terry

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Homemade wooden clamp

encik doomex

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Sargentos de madera

Nelson Diaz

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DIY Wood Clamps

R. Tidwell

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Save money tools

Melissa Medina

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DIY Clamps

Edwin Gonzalez

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Life Hacks

Mark Nanneman