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Improved Electric TOOTHBRUSH LOCK PICK Simple To Make

6 months ago Jolly Peanut

Step by step making & testing this simple electric toothbrush lock picking tool... Just for fun... KLOM Pick GUN ...


[775] Pumpkin Saw Converted into Electric Pick Gun!

2 months ago LockPickingLawyer


(1076) Review: Multipick Kronos Master Key Electric Pick Gun (EPG)

1 year ago Bosnianbill

The brand new MultiPick Kronos electric pick gun from Germany. I review the pick in an unboxing and demonstrate how FAST this powerful tool opens many ...


(785) Power Company Meter Locks - How to Pick Them Open!

2 years ago Bosnianbill

In this video I'll demonstrate ow to pick open locks used on power company meters. These meter locks aren't true locks, but there is an easy bypass using a ...


Opening Locks With HPC Electric Pick Gun

5 years ago Frank Costello

Lock Pick Deals Please visit my shop at:


How to Pick a Tubular Lock (Basics)

1 year ago Von Malegowski

I show how tubular pin tumbler locks work and how they can be opened using tubular lock picks and single pin picking. A tubular pin tumbler lock, also known as ...


How to get started with Lock Picking!

Learn about LockSport- lock picking for fun and education! I show the basics and talk about the best ways to study and practice. My sponsor- the Creality Ender ...


Pick a Lock in SECONDS with a Bump Key

8 years ago Scam Nation

Picking locks is easy once you've made a bump key. Plus: learn to prevent break-ins. Bump keys are available at ...


[631] Master Lock 875/975 Decoded WITHOUT ANY TOOLS !

10 months ago LockPickingLawyer


Power Locks on Base Model Truck for $25

1 year ago Mike and Lauren

Our new Dodge 3500 Dually was a great deal, but it didn't come with power locks or windows. Getting Hudson in and out of a car without power locks is a chore ...


How to Pick a Lock | The Art of Manliness

4 years ago Art of Manliness

Learn how to pick a lock and become a super spy. For a detailed text article on lock picking check out: ...


How to make a Lock Pick

6 years ago Von Malegowski

I show how to make a lockpick from a hacksaw blade. It is pretty easy to make the lock picks but does require a Dremel tool or a bench grinder. Using a bench ...


Simple Invention to Open Locks

10 months ago HawkGuruHacker

Hi friends today in this DIY tutorial you will see how to make this new machine or invention to open locks if you forget the keys. Hope you enjoy view this life ...


How to pick a lock with hairpins

2 years ago Lock-O

This video shows how to make lockpicks from two hairpins and is just for fun.It's not meant to be used for illegal activities. Lock-O website: ...


[76] How To Learn The Binding Order When Picking Locks

What Is Binding Order? Solved, and How To Master It! Link To SubscribeÔם This video goes ...


How to crack a combination lock in seconds! - NO TOOLS (life hack) Part 1

How to crack a combination lock that does not have false gates easily. Subscribe to my channel - if you like Life hacks, How to projects, ...


KLOM Manual Lock Pick Gun A look Inside & Test On Door Locks

6 months ago Jolly Peanut

Testing out on a couple of front door Deadbolt locks after a look inside the Klom see how it works... You can help support Jolly Peanut by contributing $1 or more ...


How to Pick a Lock (For Beginners)

8 years ago yoogle2

This is how to pick a lock without the key and easy tools. Please use this for good reasons.



1 year ago MadDog

Picking a lock with a paper clip.


Lock Picking: The Paper Clip Rake

3 years ago Jeremy Hopper