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Make A Disc Sander || Homemade 8" Disc Sanding Machine

Mistry MakeTool

Hello Friends, I Show You How To Make Homemade 8" DISC SANDER. It's Easy To Make. I Have Used Sewing machine motor (copper winding) and plywood.


DIY Drill Powered Disc Sander

One Minute Workbench

Make your own drill powered disc sander! Have a question? Hit me up on social media: Facebook & Instagram: @oneminuteworkbench Twitter: ...


DIY - Making A Disc Sander Out of Scrap

The Redsmith

This week, I build a disc sander. This past year, my dad taught me a lot of metalworking techniques. I think I used them all for this build. I still have to practice ...


My Homemade Disk Sander

By request, a better look at some of the details of my homemade 12" disk sander. The video showing the build: Website build ...


Disc Sander - Make DIY Build

Dave Wirth

Disc Sander (4" x 36" Belt 6" Disc Sander Belt/Disc): BLOG: ...


How to Make A Homemade Disc Sander

izzy swan

Make a home made disc sander for 25 bucks! This Drill Powered disc sander turn out awesome! That fact that if folds up is light and portable makes it all the ...


Home made double disc sander for under $5!

Mark Susak

To clear up any confusion regarding the costs involved This video is --a detailed build of how I made it for under $5. Costs to make one for yourself may vary ...


Homemade Disk Sander

My homemade 12" Disk Sander Build details here: Music from


Homemade disc sander attachment


A video in which I make a disc sander attachment for my bench grinder. Made from 10mm thick mdf.


Homemade 12" Disc Sander (Part 1)

Marius Hornberger

I experimented with building a new disc sander with one of my flanges powered with a little 600 Watt (0,8 HP) Motor. So far it is working and in the next video I'll ...


Homemade drill powered Disc Sander

weaponizer m

How to make Drill Powered Disc Sander, DIY Follow me: instagram: pinterest: ...


Homemade Disc Sander

T2's Stuff

More Info: Visit...


Building a Disc Sander (cheap and simple)

Cosmas Bauer

You can support me via: Patreon: Amazon: ...


Disk Sander Homemade - 20'' Disc

From The Wood

If you like what i do you can support me at: Disk Sander made with reclaimed material. Motor 2200W from Water pump.


homemade disc sander

A disc sander made completely out of scrap materials! Una levigatrice a disco fatta completamente con materiali di recupero! If this video has inspired you in any ...


JWS Makes: Homemade 22" Disc Sander

Jords Wood Shop

This week I make a 22″ disc sander out of scrap MDF, left over aluminium discs and an old lathe's headstock. For more woodworking related content visit and ...


Homemade disc sander 225 / Szlifierka tarczowa samoróbka 225 mm

geniusz K

Дисковый шлифовальный станок своими руками / Homemade disk sander / Szlifierka tarczowa samoróbka.



Made in Poland

Hi. My name is Darek and in this video I'll show you how to make DISC SANDER (5") from broken Stand Mixer DIY. I bought a mixer in the junkyard for one dollar ...


Make A Disc Sander | Homemade Disc Sanding Machine | DIY Disc Sander | Diamleon Diy Builds

Hello Everyone ! Today i make a homemade disc sander. I used my old washing machine motor for making this disc sanding machine. This diy disc sander ...


Homemade 16" disc sander

I made disc sander out of plywood with 16" (40 cm) aluminium disc. Brand new 3 phase (1,10 kW, 1415 RPM) motor, custom made flange. For more details of ...