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How To Make The Mini Metal Foundry

How to make a simple backyard foundry for less than $20, for melting pop cans, and casting aluminum. [✓] Clay Graphite Crucible: ...


DIY Micro Metal Foundry

In this video we're making the Mini Metal Foundry even smaller and going micro! Subscribe & “Ring the Bell”: Get TKOR Merch: ...


Melting Cans With The Mini Metal Foundry

How to recycle scrap metal in the backyard, with a homemade, Mini Metal Foundry. Common materials in the Mini Metal Foundry [✓] Clay Graphite Crucible: ...


Don't Build a Metal Foundry Until you See This First

Updates, improvements, and all your questions answered about the Mini Metal Foundry. I had no idea so many of you would actually be building this! Common ...


Make A Trash Can Metal Foundry

For this project we're using kaowool to make a new lightweight backyard foundry, for melting copper. Kaowool: Trashcan: ...


How To Make An Electrical Arc Furnace

How to hack flashlight batteries and a fire brick, into a desktop arc reaction chamber. ...For hobby metal melting, and for science! Some quick links to a few of the ...


Upgrading the Trash Can Foundry

5 months ago The King of Random

Today we're retiring our old trashcan foundry and building a new and improved version! Subscribe & “Ring the Bell”: Fire Brick: ...


Make a Simple Metal Foundry Using Empty Gas Cylinder.

1 year ago Random Hands

️Make a Simple Metal Foundry Using Empty Gas Cylinder.⭐ OR Purchase Your Own From Amazon: ''''''''''''''''''''''''...


Convert Your Backyard Foundry To Propane! ("Gas Blaster" Propane Torch)

Turn common plumbing materials into a metal melting propane torch, and instantly convert your "flower-pot" foundry, to propane. Free Template: ...



6 months ago The King of Random

Today we're with our friend Grant (no not that one) making a mini forge out of a paint can, perfect for beginner blacksmiths! Subscribe & “Ring the Bell”: ...


How to make a Large $50 Mini Homemade Metal Foundry Furnace Forge propane or charcoal DIY Pt.1

2 years ago LivingTheGoodLife

Part 1 of how I made my large mini home foundry forge to melt Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Lead, Silver, & Gold... and to forge Iron & Steel. This design allows for ...


How to Make an Electric Foundry For Metal Casting - Part 1

2 years ago TAOW

In this video I am going to be showing you how to make a metal melting foundry that can melt aluminium in under 20 minuets! This project is probably one of my ...


MEGA Metal Foundry

In today's video we're super-sizing the trashcan foundry into a giant garbage can kiln! Subscribe & “Ring the Bell”: Metal Trashcan: ...


How to make a coffee can forge

4 years ago clkindred

Here I make a propane gas forge out of a large #10 steel can, and homemade refractory lining and a new burner design. See the newer forge build here!


How To Make a Mini Metal Melting Foundry

3 years ago Triangle_DIY

In this video I show you how I made my Mini Metal Melting Foundry. I got the idea from the King of Random, check out his video about this: ...


How To Make The "Mini Master Sword"

Subscribe to my friend Colin Furze and turn the internet up to 11: Free "Mini Master Sword" Template: ...


Very Simple Aluminum Furnace

5 years ago mrhomescientist

YES I KNOW I SHOULD HAVE WORN SHOES. Any shoe-related comments will be deleted so don't waste your time. In today's video I'll show you how I built a ...


SIMPLE Homemade Metal Foundry for metal casting - by VegOilGuy

2 years ago VegOilGuy

A simple homemade Metal Foundry for casting metals at Home! Melt soda cans, recycle metal and cast in aluminium in your backyard. Use it as a mini forge.


Melting Aluminium In The Mini Metal Foundry - Melting Aluminium #1

1 year ago Donn DIY

Melting aluminium in the mini metal foundry in the back yard. Experimented with diesel and vegetable oil mix and the burner roared to the point of melting steel ...


How to make a metal melting foundry. MELT ALUMINUM, BRASS, GOLD, SILVER. Capable of 1800 degrees!

2 years ago Killa Kyle

Here is a tutorial of how to make foundry that can melt most metals known to man. This foundry is sooo fun to run and casting molten metals is so interesting and ...