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How To Make Plastic Hex Nuts

2 years ago Toolify

Uhmw, I made a hex nut out of some plastic! Originally I was going to make them out of plywood (still could), but I think plastic works better because it doesn't ...


How to Make Wooden Hex Nuts

1 year ago robybeg61

A ROUTER JIG that makes WOODEN HEX NUTS! (and a bolt.) ▽▽▽ READ MORE ABOUT THE DESIGN ▽▽▽ ▻▻ DESIGN . FACEBOOK: Tricky method for ...


8 Creative Ideas With Hex Nuts

2 months ago Thaitrick

8 Creative Ideas To Use Hex Nuts That You've Never Thought of Before. Hope you enjoy. #Creative #Ideas Latest Video : Please ...


Plastic can, bottle cap & M8 hex nuts

2 years ago KalevalaSlingshot

Slingshot shooting Distance 15 m.


Nylon Screws, Nuts & Washers

Nylon components Tough, light, durable and corrosion resistant


DIY Wing Nut

2 years ago BlueMacGyver


NALAKUVARA 300pcs M2 M3 Nylon Hex Nuts Spacers Screws Stand off Plastic Accessories Assortment Kit

2 years ago Yellow

NALAKUVARA 300pcs M2 M3 Nylon Hex Nuts Spacers Screws Stand off Plastic Accessories Assortment Kit! For the full information, please find on: ...


DIY Double Hex Nut Fidget Spinner | HOW TO MAKE | FIDGET SPINNER | KMA Insane Hacker

DIY Double Hex Nut Fidget Spinner | HOW TO MAKE | FIDGET SPINNER | KMA Insane Hacker Today i am going to show you how to make a fidget spinner ...


How to Make a Ring from a Nut

2 years ago Andrew W

In this video learn how to make a ring from a steel nut. With a little bit of elbow grease, some time and minimal tools you can make this super cool ring. Here is a ...


How to make a HEX nut fidget spinner | DIY | KMA insane hacker

How to make a HEX nut fidget spinners | DIY | KMA insane hacker today we are going to learn how to make a hex nut fidget spinner it is very easy to make That ...


3 Ways To Take Off a Nut WITHOUT A Wrench! LIFE HACK!

4 years ago Paul Pyro

Today I will show you 3 ways to remove a metal nut without a wrench! Donate BTC: 1GvUeWVfTzRqSAaxnURGbM2vRqSxrUwa64. SUBSCRIBE / SHARE...


DIY Necklace with Hex Nuts

5 years ago ValeeeOfficial

This is a Tutorial on how to do your own Necklace with Hex Nuts instagram is VAAA_LEEE Twitter:


nut mold trial from HQ Mould/plastic mold manufacturer

4 years ago Rocky Xuan

First mould trial for nut mold--from HQ mould.


♡DIY: Hardware Stackable Bracelets (Hex Nuts)

5 years ago HeyKayElle

Check out some of my favorite products here! Ever wonder what those hex nuts doo-dads things are for? Evidently, I only took out the time ...


DIY Fidget Toy Challenge 3 | DIY Fidget Toy | Hand Spinner | 100 Hex Nut Spinner

1 year ago Randomize Me

I got challenged by Death CRU to make a spinner with at least 100 Hex nuts. I don´t back down from a challenge so here is the spinner! Enjoy! Want to support ...


DIY : Braided Nut Bracelet

2 years ago VENTUNO ART

Learn how to make Braided Nut Bracelet. Follow us on Instagram : Subscribe Youtube Channel :


Plastic Fasteners, Nylon Screws

Plastic fasteners have many uses in modern manufacturing. Plastic screws and fasteners are lighter than metal and more versatile. Nylon fasteners and other ...


Plastic Nut Mould

3 years ago Bao Summer

SINO MOULD is a professional mold maker with over 20 years experience. You can custom plastic screw mold and plastic nut mold from us. Welcome to visit our ...


How To Make a Cool Hex Nut Keychain - DIY Style Tutorial - Guidecentral

Guidecentral is a fun and visual way to discover DIY ideas, learn new skills, meet amazing people who share your passions and even upload your own DIY ...


Plastic Screw Mold

3 years ago Bao Summer

We can make various kinds of plastic screw molds, plastic nut molds. Please contact me for plastic mold inquiry: ...