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DiResta: Slingshot


Here you see me make a trigger activated slingshot with metal scraps and old wrenches! More DiResta: ...


Single axle rolling nut trigger system - medieval crossbow

Tod's Workshop

This video outlines the standard medieval crossbow trigger system used from Roman times to approximately 1500. The system is simple and easy to understand ...


Q&A + Forging a Wrench Karambit

Green Beetle

This knife's 100% charity auction raised $61 to fight cancer. Good job, everyone. Support this Channel! Hey! Let's talk ...


How to make a whittling knife from an old file

My son and I made a whittling knife today, it's not pretty or polished, but it works! The file was a cheapo one from eBay, it wore out pretty quick, so the steel was ...


How to make a Classic Knife using Old Metal Sheet

DIY King

In this video I am going to show you how to make a classic knife out of an old rusted sheet of metal and a sheet of lumber. I am going to post different DIY ...

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After WW3

Jamie Folly


Turning a Aluminium Rod into a Beautiful Knife without using Heavy Tools

Black RoboBrain

Turning a Aluminium Rod into a Beautiful Knife without using Heavy Tools. Today , I'll show you how to make mini hunting knife using aluminium rod . it's totally ...

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DIY Weaponry

Jeremy Harvey

Do-It-Yourself Weapons.

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Metal work

john blellock

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Weapons/forming metal

Damian Bevers


How To Forge A Post Apocalyptic Survival Axe

How To Forge A Post Apocalyptic Survival Axe In this video I´m forging a crude and simple axe from a random piece of steel. I personally prefer the viking style ...


Casting Aluminium Knuckle Duster out of empty Aluminium CANS.

Random Hands

Its Pretty easy to cast aluminium knuckles at home.I think we all guyz should know the easy way to make our own metallic knuckles dusters at home just using ...


Making a Karambit Knife

Mr. Kamdo

Buy from Mr.Kamdo : ********************************************************************** How to make karambit ? That is all folks I wished to ...


WOW So SHARP - Miniature Shaving RAZOR from Butter Knife


This is a video I've been thinking about making for a long while because I have a selection of extremely cheap blunt cutlery. Could you make a mini cut throat ...


Making Knife From Old and Bent Wrench

weaponizer m

Making Knife From Old and Bent Wrench Follow me: instagram: pinterest: ...

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Näppärät niksit


How to Forge a Blacksmith Karambit Knife Out of an Old Steel File


Thanks for all the comments and suggestions on my lawn mower blade karambit! I've been getting requests for a build with more forging and more traditional ...


Make Ammo Box Toolbox

Giaco Whatever

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