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Spoon carver - Saw blade knife - Day 10/30

David Waelder

I make a spoon carving knife from an old table saw blade. Instagram @davidwaelder Email ...


Chip carving knife from an old saw blade

Matthias Wandel

I really like to use German chip carving knives. I experiment with making one of these out of a circular saw blade, first softening it to work it, then re-hardening it ...


Making a Simple Spoon Carving Knife That Anyone Can Make

The Small Workshop

This is a simple project that anyone with a dremel can make. I wanted to carve a traditional wooden spoon but I had trouble carving it with a chisel. So I decided ...


Making a Hook Knife from a saw blade and firewood - HNB #17

Hack 'n Build

In this build, I make a hook knife to add to growing collection of carving knives. The handle is hand-carved and the materials are upcycled from a broken ...


Making A Real Woodcarving Knife from Real Steel +Spoon Knife


Making A Real Woodcarving Knife from Real Steel Here i go through my process of making wood carving knives. From raw steel to finished knife. No old saw ...


Homemade Carving Gouges - Made from a Hacksaw Blade

Pask Makes

I recently gave block printing a go and found that I needed a small gouge. The carving chisels I already own don't include a small enough gouge - a 4mm was ...


The Homemade Carving Spoon/Gouge

Ron Calverley

Trying to make a wood-carving spoon/gouge from an old teaspoon.


Make A Striking Knife

Watch all of my homemade knife videos here: You can help support ...


Make Wooden Spoons Using Only Your Table Saw

Jack Houweling

Build this jig and make lots of spoons. Cut coves, shape and carve spoons all on the tablesaw. I'll show you how to build and how to use. Build Article: ...


The Homemade Carving Spoon/Gouge - Update

Ron Calverley

Trying to make a wood-carving spoon/gouge from an old teaspoon.


how to make a knife blade from a saw blade

I got some saw blades from a planning mill so I can make some knifes.


Making a Knife from a Saw Blade Part 1

In this video I profile a knife blank out of high carbon steel from an old saw blade. PATREON SUBSCRIBE INSTAGRAM ...


How To Make A Carving Knife

Made from a worn out 3/8" drill bit. Handle is sumac. Here's how I tempered the blade: 450 for 30 minutes, let it cool to room temp and do it again. This may not ...


Making a crooked knife & carve a spoon

Robin Coomans

I make a crooked knife to carve spoons, bowls etc. aka curved knife , carving knife, hook knife or mocotaugan. Ever since I saw a crooked knife on a Ray Mears ...

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Spooncarving knife

Patrik Eklund


Homemade knife from a sawzall blade - DIY


i found this used sawzall blade yesterday and decided to see if i could make a knife out of it. The handle was made from scrap cypress left over from a table.


Making a Marking knife from old jointer blades. DIY Upcycle

Dema's WoodShop

In this video i take my old and dull planer blades and make custom one of a kind marking knives for my shop. comment, share, like and subscribe SUBSCRIBE ...


Making A Carving Knife

The exacto knife is one of my favorite tools, but it has it's limitations. So I wanted to make a similar small carving knife, but with thicker blade and an ergonomic ...


Making a second knife from saw blade

Young Je

It's the second knife made with a saw blade, something seems to be wrong,~~~


Bowl Carving 1, 2, 3 with Maverick


Maverick walks through the steps of how to carve a basic bowl by using the Lancelot, Holey Galahad, Igraine flap sanders and the Guinevere. ┬ęKing Arthur's ...