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#ad Make a Tablet / iPad Stand


How to make a tablet stand using Sugru mouldable glue. Paid for advertising. For 15% off all orders, head over here: or enter code ...


How to Make Simple Tablet Stand(case) from Cardboard


In today's video I show you how to make ipad case(stand) from cardboard! Thank you for watching the channel MCKook! If you like this video don't forget to ...


How to make an iPad stand

This iPad stand is made completely from scraps. It fits a credit card reader and it pivots to face you or the other way and it also swivels from portrait to landscape.


Video tutorial: iPad or tablet stand

Teresa DownUnder

This tablet or iPad stand is made using a rectangle of fabric filled with polypill and rice. Blog post: Find me on: Facebook: ...


How to make a simple DIY wooden two-way iPad tablet stand from scrap wood (first ever video)

Thomas Haaf

This video shows the process of making a wooden iPad stand from a piece of leftover kitchen-countertop. It is my very first youtube video. Please feel free to ...


How To Make A FREE IPAD /Tablet/ Book Stand in 60 Seconds


Here's a Life hack how to make an Ipad/ Book Stand very easily out of a Clothing hanger.


Make an iPad stand that looks like a cutting board

I had an oak pallet which I broke down and was able to salvage enough to make two iPad stands. They were made as gifts for Christmas. FOLLOW ME ON ...


iPad / Tablet: Clothes Hanger Stand - DIY


This is a quick DIY iPad or Tablet stand made from a wire clothes hanger. This is only a temporary stand. Please only use it on a flat surface. Don't try to carry ...


How to make an Origami Phone Stand

Simple Steps

How to create a simple phone or ipad stand out of paper!! To get a perfect stand, creasing the paper is key, as well as making sure your folds are precise along ...


Wooden tablet / ipad stand

Sebastian ocaño

Simple tablet stand made from soft wood.


60 second iPad stand using coat hanger - DIY

Matt Hagens

Make an iPad stand in 60 seconds using a simple wire coat hanger. Forget overpaying for an expensive iPad stand. This simple coat hanger is all you need to ...


How to make a tablet stand - DIY tablet holder


In this video tutorial i am gonna show you how to make a tablet stand using only one piece of cardboard with dimensions 21cm x 21cm. I hope you will enjoy ...


Tablet Stand Quick make

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10 iPad (TABLET) LIFE HACKS from Mr. Hacker

10 useful and cool life hacks for iPad (TABLETS). If you like, Subscribe and Click


Phone or Tablet Stand - Cheap, Quick, Effective

Alley Picked

You can build this simple phone stand for almost no cost but the electricity used to make it. I show additional stand options. This wood working project takes ...


DIY How To Make Mobile, Tablet And Ipad Holder (Stand) From Cardboard


In this video I have showed how to make stand for any mobile, tablet or ipad from cardboard. You only need a cardboard, scissor, cello tape, and gum and just ...


DIY iPad Stand from Cardboard | Rotatable and Tiltable iPad Holder

DIY iPad Stand from Cardboard. Rotatable and Tiltable iPad Holder. It is easy to make and very useful. You just need cardboard, old battery and hot glue.


Making a Tablet or iPad Stand - A woodworking video


Read Full Article: Making a wooden iPad or Tablet stand is a fun project and there can be many different designs, this one uses the box ...


DIY - Cheap Do it yourself iPad stand for $1.99


Check out how I made a great iPad stand for $1.99.


Oenbopo 360° Rotatable Aluminum Alloy Desktop Holder Tablet Stand review

Peter von Panda

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Get it on Amazon here... oenbopo Oenbopo iPad Pro Tablet Holder Stand 360° ...