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How to Make a WASHING MACHINE using Buckets (12V Portable)

This is a really awesome washing machine, can be easily made at home. It is a good machine for all students who live in hostels to wash their shirts and socks.


How to Make Washing Machine - 12 Volt DC DIY

Hello friends welcome to my channel in this video we learn how to make cheapest washing machine at home with help of 12v dc motor. Subscribe Now and also ...


Home made washing machine with 12v DC power


bucket washing machine is simple in design and work effectively. This machine can highly usefulfor the hostelers & job holders & room students. Single person ...


DIY Washing Machine Bucket by Jim Weaver

Kicker 102.5 FM

If you're new, subscribe Go here! How to make a campsite washing machine out of a 5 gallon bucket.


How To Make Mini Washing Machine From Plastic Basket ! DIY Washing Machine

Expert Eye

Channel Expert Eye I hope if you watch Mini Washing Machine video then it will be easy for you. don't forget to subscribe our channel and must share and like to ...


How to Make a SPIN DRYER using Bucket & Basket - Very Easy

Hello friends, Enjoy this cool project. also Like, Share & Subscribe!


How to Make Washing Machine at Home - DIY Washer

Hello & welcome to my channel. In this video we learn how to make washing machine with help of drill machine and some boxes . Subscribe Now and also hit ...


Make your own DIY Washing Machine with Buckets!

Smith & Edwards

Power's out on laundry day? Don't want to wash your child's muddy baseball uniform with your good sheets? Need to wash your horse's splint boots? Or how ...


Smallest Washing Machine, Bucket Washing Machine , Carry & Use Anywhere | Made in India

Slick and Natty

Link for the Portable Washing Machine: Click here to watch this video in Hindi: ...


Homemade Washing Machine

Low cost / Free plastic bucket washing machine. Prepping skill set in practice.


DIY Washing Machine using an Electric Drill

In this video I deviate from my normal genre of videos and show you how to wash your clothes if your washer fails on you and you don't have time to go buy a ...


How to Make Portable Washing Machine

Hello friends welcome to my channel in this video we learn how to make portable washing machine with help of drill machine at home Subscribe Now and also ...


Shakti Bucket Washing Machine For details do What'

Shakti Bucket Washing Machine for details do What's App on 9835633059.


Human Powered "Washing Machine" DIY - The "5 gallon bucket" clothes washer


Human Powered Washing Machine. This clothes washer uses no electricity! Easy to make and use. good for anytime you find yourself without 'grid power'.

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Diy washing machine

Bill Howard


How to Make Automatic Washing Machine under 25$

for 10 PCBs (24 hour fast turn around): For List of Components, Circuit Diagram and PCB Files, Like this video, Press the bell Icon and share ...


Bucket Washing Machine- Technical Prinicple

nektar solomon

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Washing machine portable

paresh prajapati


PLAN C - DIY Washing Machine/Dryer for Emergencies!

Cloth Alliance

DIY WASHING MACHINE Enjoy these tips and videos? Sign up to our newsletter to learn more about reusable cloth and future giveaways!

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DIY Washer & Dryer

kris Magliocca