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Woodworking / Making a Wooden Comb | 22

Workshop Edits

Today, on Workshop Edits, I'm taming my wild hair by building my own hair comb from scraps. Hope you like! ➤ SUBSCRIBE: Written ...


Making a wooden beard comb

Making a wooden comb in the bits of wood workshop. Please like and subscribe if you dig it. Handmade wooden beard combs and hair combs available in ...


How to make a Wooden Comb - Woodworking

making a Wooden Comb.


DIY Wooden Hair Comb | With Template | Modern Builds EP. 50

Modern Builds

Today I'm building a wooden hair comb from padauk with a poplar stripe. The template is available in the written article on my website linked below. I'll be giving ...


DIY - Making a Wooden Comb

Try it out, it is easy and very rewarding!


Viking Hair Comb - Making Of

Epic Workshop

Check what Tools I use on Kit: ▷ Support me on Patreon: I made this hair comb out of ...


DIY Wooden Hair Comb // Woodworking How To


This week we decided to do something a little different. We made a wooden hair comb just for fun! It is a super odd ball project and far from the things we ...


Making A Wooden Comb


In this video I'm going to make a wooden comb. When I started this project I never thought it would be so much work, it's just a simple wooden comb.From the ...


Hand made / DIY Wooden Comb

Phillips Made

This took a lot of work. Especially sanding in between each one of those needles. Another YouTube channel did the same project and that's actually where i got ...


Highest-Level Traditional Comb made from a Rare Type of Wood and its Incredible Effect on your Hair.

The Highest-Level Traditional Comb made from a Rare Type of Wood and its Incredible Effect on your Hair. Traditional comb made from a rare wood, it has long ...


EPOXY + WOOD Live Edge Hair Comb | DIY Huntress

I wanted to play around with epoxy resin and a live edge walnut slab, but I don't need a river table. I collaborated with my bestie, DIY Huntress to make 3 different ...


038 - Wooden hair comb

Paul Jenkins

Make a hair/beard/pet comb out of wood - this one is all out of blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon) --- Follow me on Twitter Facebook ...


Making Combs

Chip Knowles

I made these combs from curly maple and leopard wood. I finish them with food safe mineral oil which is completely absorbed into the wood by the time we sell ...


Handcrafted Wooden Combs for Hair and Beards by Big T Woodworks

Brian Timmons

All my combs are handcrafted by myself. No overseas imports, no labor outsourcing, no lasers or CNC. Man or woman, whether you want to care for your hair or ...


DIY Epoxy Resin & Wood Hair Comb | Collab With Pneumatic Addict

DIY Huntress

So excited to share my first collaboration from my shed-shop! Check out how Elisha from Pneumatic Addict and I created a batch of #DIY epoxy resin and wood ...


All a natural handmade wood comb

Elizabeth Berg


Handmade Wood Beard Comb - How to with Gearbox Designs

Gearbox Designs

In this video I will show you how to make your very own wood beard and hair comb. Link to printable template: ...


How to turn a piece of wood into a wooden comb?


Can you turn a piece of wood into an array of wooden combs? Well, meet Li Xianga, a wooden comb carving craftsman from Yinchuan City, northwest China's ...


Making Comb

Mji Myanmar


Fun Beginner Woodworking Project- Cherry Beard Comb

In this video we are going to make a very simple but sophisticated Cherry Beard Comb. This video is intended to show you can make unique projects without ...