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Knife Making - Unique Knife From A Hedge Shears

1 month ago Diy Random

Here I come with another knife from the hedge shears. I'm not sure that it came out how I imaged, but I kind of like it. Anyway, it was a fun project. I hope you like ...


forging a unique utilitarian knife

6 months ago Glen GS Tongs

In this video, I forge myself a multi-purpose knife. website: email: If you would like to donate any amount, click the ...


Knife Making: Nakiri Japanese Knife DIY

Another Japanese Chef's knife! This shape is inspired by Nakiri knives typical Japanese-style vegetable knife but with a western full tang construction and a ...


A unique Japanese bushcraft knife

5 years ago virtuovice


Making a very sharp knife made from nails

1 month ago Yt tips art

How are you all ?? This video I want to show you about making a unique little knife made from nail spikes. of course, making it a good knife for instructions on ...


Knife Making - Japanese Kiridashi From A Hedge Shear

2 months ago Diy Random

I turn a rusty hedge shear into a knife. I hope you like it.


Unique way to craft a Rocket Stove with a Pocket Knife

1 year ago Felix Immler

I show you a unique way to craft a rocket stove with a Swiss Army Knife. For make the rocket stove I used the Victorinox RangerGrip 174 Handyman and a flat ...


Making an Acid Etched Superconductor Ring with Obsidian Facets

In this video, Patrick Adair is making a new style of superconductor ring. This ring is made by starting with superconductor blank and then sanding an obsidian ...



These Japanese chefs know, how to handle a knife! Being restaurants customers we might not know how functional a knife can become in the hands of a ...


Knife making / sharpening shop in Taipei - unique horizontal grinding wheel

3 years ago Glen GS Tongs

This is a small shop I frequently pass. I stopped to chat with the boss who is 76 years old and been doing his thing in the same shop since 1967. I am not a blade ...


Making a Tritium and Damascus Steel Glow Ring

In today's video, Patrick Adair designs one of his most ambitious rings to date. This ring is tritium (a radioactive form of hydrogen) gas cased in glass and then ...


My Current Knife Sharpening System 2019

1 week ago OUTDOORS55

My Current Knife Sharpening System 2019 Just a quick video showing you my current knife sharpening set up. This would be a great set up for beginners ...


Paracordist how to measure knife and hand to create a unique paracord knife lanyard (for retention)!/paracordist Maximize the fit and function of your PSK Lanyard by ...


Unique obsidian knife teaser

This is a knife handle design i come up with to compliment the gorgeous blade that paleoman52 sent me. I figured i wanted it unique and worthy of such a blade.


New CRKT Provoke Available at

5 days ago KnifeCenter

To buy your CRKT Provoke, click here: First seen on KickStarter and now available in a CRKT production model, Joe Caswell's ...


tekna micro knife - unique switchblade design

3 years ago swissbianco


The Burger Knife

6 months ago Wüsthof Knives

The GOURMET Four-Piece Burger Knife Set features four casual-style steak knives crafted with a unique blade design that provides multiple functions to ...


Gavko Knives Maker's Spotlight -- Truly Unique Knives

8 months ago Doctor Frunkey

A maker who never makes the same knife twice. A unique finish for timascus. Michal Gavac certainly knows how to make some spectacular and truly special ...


Blacksmithing Knifemaking - Dolphin Knife - Hand Forged Unique Railroad Spike Knife

Here is another unique railroad spike knife. Dolphins.


Antique Hatchet Restoration. SORT OF...

Alright, how would you call this experiment? Hatchet restoration? Makeover? Wrecking an hatchet head? Yes, I know this kind of handle doesn't make any ...