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Braided handle

Gary Huston

My go at making the braided handle that is seen on lots of stuff! Some of the tools and equipment used on this and other videos Silverline impact socket set ...


Forging a Braided Twist handle

Black Bear Forge

A braided twist handle looks complicated and intricate. But once you know the secret, it is really quite easy. So today, join my in the blacksmith shop while we ...


Braid a Leather Handle on X-Acto Knife soft grip arthritic hands


Makes a soft fat handle grip on tools for arthritic hands.


How to Make the Dragon Twist

This a educational video on how to form the dragon twist. Find me on Instagram @mt_phillip_metal_works This technique is directly from the mind of Matt Harris ...


braided handle knife

making a braided handle in the style of garyhuston and adding a blade to it heres a link to garyhuston's video


How to Create a Braided Handle (Part 2)

Abby Schukei


How to Make a Duct Tape Braided Handle

Shayla Burkey

I know I've been trying to upload Fall/Halloween videos but, a couple of weeks ago I showed you guys how to make a duct tape purse without a handle. Now I'm ...


Braided Clay Coils

Ms Gomez

How to hand build a braided clay coil.


BTW Braided Handle

Candace Katz

Braided Handle Technique.


braided handle video no 1

Jill Choate

HOW TO braid a basket handle.


Paracord Knife Handle Wrap—Fish Scale Braid Tutorial


Finally, a handle wrap that won't come loose! The fish scale braid is a great way to add a permanent grip to fixed-blade knives, canoe paddles, or walking sticks.


How to Tie a Paracord Snake Knot


Like, subscribe, and follow me on Instagram: @survivalkraft*** In this video I show you how to tie a paracord snake knot for making knife lanyards and fobs, ...


Making a Wire Wrapped Sword Handle

That Works

In this -Your Edge- episode John Mitchell takes you through all of the steps to create a wire wrapped sword handle. First shaping the handle itself. Next showing ...


Making braided rope handle for the box

sew oodles

This video tell us how to braid ropes in this twist form for making rope handles for the box we made in our blog.


Metal 6 Piece Braid (Blacksmithing Door Handle Test)

I think its finally time to do a follow up Q&A video to answer all of you questions. Either leave your questions in the comments with a Q: before it or follow this link ...


Braided Bag Handles Video

Rose Smith

How to sew braided or plaited bag handles.


How to braid 8 strands around a core

This is a herringbone braid around a core. Materials used... 100% alpaca iCord with a twisted acrylic core. Order this book to learn how to start these braids ...


Leather Mystery Braid Cuff Making a Mystery Braid Cuff is the main point of this tutorial, but the braid itself is a great decoration. In addition to the ...


Braiding School (#7 Adding Handle Strands to the Block).wmv


Welcome to the JsK bull rope braiding school. The braiding videos are broke down to show you step by step how to braid bull ropes. In this video you will learn ...


The Rope Strap by TKB