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Making a Shop Logo Wood Branding Iron for Less than $1 with Common Tools

My 2017 branding iron is about to become obsolete. Time to update. In response to the many comments and questions I received on this project I have done ...


How to Make a Custom Branding Iron!!


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Making a Wood & Leather Branding Iron

Will Matthews

How cool is it to be able to put your own maker's mark on something you make?! I wanted to do that so went about creating a personalised DIY branding iron that ...


Making a Branding Iron - My Makers Mark


My new channel logo carved into 10 mm thick steel to form a branding iron. The thicker material has more mass and holds the heat longer. It takes a while to ...


How to make branding iron


This channel is about restoration and DIY, How to make branding iron I'm restoring things in my workshop and making videos about it I hope you will like it !


Making a burn stamp / branding iron w/o CNC or welder


Marking what you make is a no brainer. It's even more fun if it involves open flame. You'd usually run this through a CNC but I don't have one. Given I have a lot ...


Making a Custom Wood Brand

Brad Richardson

I've wanted to make one of these for a while. Here is my first attempt! - DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS! - My Company: ...


DIY \\ Branding Iron Without CNC

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Make your custom branding iron

Zep Labs

You know those iron thingys people use to mark their work?? Today we make one of those for the Labs! Out of aluminum.. Links to the software used: Inkscape ...


How To Make A Branding Iron

More here: Figured it would be interesting to make an "i build it" branding iron. Ways you can help support this channel: ...


Making a Custom Branding Iron


Welding up a few branding irons for our wood working projects,


Making Your Own Branding Iron

Switch & Lever

Who doesn't like to play around a bit with hot metal? Watch the video and learn how to be creative with your appetite for destruction. We're making a branding ...




Handmade custom branding irons. Music by Kevin MacLeod at


Recreating a family ranch branding iron


My wife's family homesteaded and ranched on the western slope of Colorado. She asked me to recreate the cattle and sheep brands that they used. This is the ...


How to make a Branding Iron

Bryan Luu

Practicing my welding skills, letting out my creativity, getting better at filming, and learning editing skills. Shot on a Sony A6000 and kit lens Gopro Hero 4 silver ...


Branding Iron Made by Hand

Jermwood Makes

In this video I make a branding iron of my makers mark out of brass, I turn a handle out of Manzanita wood, and attach them both with a threaded brass rod.


Making a CNC Branding Iron

Carbide 3D - A short demonstration of how to convert a signature on a page into a brass branding iron using MeshCAM and the Nomad 883.


Wire nail branding iron

Prickly sauce

Wire nail branding iron - Pricklysauce Mini branding iron made from a wire nail, easy to make and great to use. Uses a wire nail something about 125mm with a ...


Blacksmithing - Making A Wood Workers Branding Iron

I have a commission for a branding iron from a woodworker. Never having made one before, here is my prototype attempt. Pretty cool!


How To Make a Branding Iron - 2 Types!!

A Modern Maker

I used some scrap material and put together a branding iron with a walnut and cherry handle. I found a few different ways to put it, along with the off-cut, to use.