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Too Rusty Cleaver restoration - step by step DIY

10 months ago Andre Will Do It

I think this Cleaver was way to rusty to make it back to the kitchen. But I'm going to use it time to time on the farm :) Tools and products which one I use everyday ...


Best Tinker's Construct Cleaver!!!!

4 years ago Azerty

Thanks for the sharing but... what is this? A MISTAKE? IN A TUTORIAL? I know and I feel bad but go check out my new video wich is good.



8 months ago TGValliant

THE MOST OP CLEAVER! ▻Subscribe: ▻Like & comment! ○○○○○SERVERS○○○○○ ▻ ...


Forging a Cleaver - Part 2 Finished

5 months ago Paul Pinto

My website - Hi my name is Paul Pinto and I'm an 18 year old maker from Connecticut. This channel will cover ...


Trying to restore a very rusty & pitted vintage pickaxe.🤔

3 months ago Nick Zammeti

Nick Zammeti/ Instagram Nick Zammeti Personal Instagram Uri Tuchman ( The ...


Forging a Double Headed Throwing Axe from a Hammer

1 year ago Miller Knives

Facebook page Here is how I forged a double bitted throwing axe ...


DiResta Franken Axe

4 months ago jimmydiresta

I found this Pick in a crypt in a graveyard (!?!?) Taylor and I were exploring. It gave me the idea to make that fireman axe I've been wanting to make! The Axe was ...


Forging a Tomahawk from a Railroad Spike

2 years ago Miller Knives facebook page Here is how I forged a tomahawk from a rail road spike.



1 year ago GGSoundjack

GGEntertainment! Ein Netzwerk für und von Gamern! Twitch: Homepage: Twitter: ...


Axe Making - Forging a Tomahawk from a Ball Peen Hammer

1 year ago Make N' Create

For some time know I've wanted a small axe for carving or maybe taking with me on a trip. A tomahawk seemed to be the right answer for my needs, so I decided ...


Power Rangers Power Axe - MAN AT ARMS:REFORGED

2 years ago AWE me

Which weapon will be next? ▻▻ Subscribe! Every other Monday, our team of blacksmiths and craftsman build some of your favorite ...


Minecraft: How To Make A Tinker's Construct Cleaver! [Tutorial]

3 years ago Dostter Gaming

Check out my other videos! Today I will be showing you guys a tutorial on how to make a Tinker's Construct Cleaver! Check out my other videos and subscribe!


Antique Hatchet Restoration. SORT OF...

Alright, how would you call this experiment? Hatchet restoration? Makeover? Wrecking an hatchet head? Yes, I know this kind of handle doesn't make any ...


Making A Viking Bearded Axe (Skeggox) From An Old Axe

1 year ago The Redsmith

I wanted to make a simple axe restoration. But as I was grinding the axe head, I discovered many cracks. The head was very old and rusty but I didn't noticed ...


Battle Axe Restoration - Crazy Bulgarian Bearded Axe

5 months ago Outdoor Boys

I got this battle axe from Bulgaria and I am going to restore it. Got to remove the rust, make an axe handle and mount the head on the handle. This is one of the ...


Resurrecting an Old Pickaxe

5 years ago kaziklu79


HABU \\ My New Old Cleaver (Restoration )

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Old pickaxe restoration

2 years ago HomeMade in Lviv

In this video I restore an old pickaxe that belonged to my great-grandfather. He died before i was born. My parents and neighbors said that he was a hard worker ...


DIY - Old Cleaver Restoration

1 year ago The Redsmith

One year ago, I found this old cleaver in the shop. It belonged to my great grand-mother, who gave it to my grand-mother, who gave it to my mother. Too rusty to ...


Old Antique Pickaxe Restoration

5 months ago MrRestore

Old Antique Pickaxe Restoration Check out my vlogging channel! : Check my fact videos!