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Making a Fret (Jeweler's) Saw

Garage workshop

In this video I make a fret saw from some scrap steel that I had. For the upper arm I used a combination of forging and filing and the rest was done with welding ...


Homemade Jeweler's Saw - Metal Cutting Coping Saw

FULL ARTICLE AND SKETCH: I made this jeweler's saw because for many projects I needed to cut steel in complex shapes ...


How To Use A Jewelers Saw the Right And Wrong Way.


How To Use A Jewelers Saw the Right and wrong way. I want to show how to use a jewelers saw to cut out whatever you need from sheet metal. I will show and ...


how to make a small jewelers saw - cutting coping saw - for cutting plastics,wood and iron


how to make a small jewelers saw - cutting coping saw - for cutting plastics,wood and iron homemade jewelers saw learn and make periodic.


How to Put in a Saw Blade on an Adjustable German Style Sawframe

Beadaholique - Learn how to put in a serrated saw blade into a saw frame. Good to know for ...


How to make a Coping Saw

In this video I will make a Coping Saw that will be very useful in our workshops. Here you can download the plans for free: ...


Sawing tips with the Knew Concepts Jeweler's saw.

Please visit my website for more free videos and online classes you can do in your jammies!


My Secret Weapon. Your Best Friend. The Jeweller's Saw.

Lost Wax

I love my Jewellers saw! It's one of my favourite tools for cutting random things. This video is just a short introduction to hopefully give you some ideas of ways ...


Hand cut coin - Minnesota 2 of 2

dragon wood

Minnesota state quarter hand cut with Knew Concept jewelers saw and one 4/0 yellow label saw blade.

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Making jewelers tools,dapping block ,etc

Robert Boatright


Installing and Changing Saw Blades in Knew Concepts Jeweler's Saw Frames

Rio Grande In this handy video from Rio Grande, Mark Nelson explains how to easily and effectively install or change the saw blades in your Knew ...


SAWING TUTORIAL - Knew Concepts Jeweler's Saw - WATCH & LEARN #3 (FULL)

Popnicute Jewelry

Are you struggling to saw a straight line? Do you break a lot of saw blades? This video will show you how to install a saw blade in Knew Concepts Jeweler Saw ...


KC Swivel blade video


Demonstration of the advantages of swiveling blade clamps for jewelers. The swiveling blade clamps do two things for jewelers: (A) they let you get much further ...


Scroll Saw Coin Cutting MusicLoveHeart (Rough Edit)

Randy Gloden

Detail Coin Cutting on the Scroll Saw with Pattern by Steve D Good If you want to learn more about this craft, please join the the coin cutting forum at ...


DIY Jigsaw | Homemade Jeweler's saw | coping saw - How to make Jigsaw


Well I didnt initially plan on to make this jigsaw. I went to a woodsmith but he told me that he cant work on such a tiny piece of wood because jigsaw machine ...


Choosing The Right Size Of Saw Blade

Recommended Tools & Supplies: 3/0 Saw Blades (1 dozen) - 2 Saw Blades (1 gross) - 8/0 Saw Blades (1 ...


How to Make a Scroll Saw at Home

Mr. NK

DIY: Learn how to make a homemade drill powered scroll saw using wood, metal sheet and Survival steel wire. Let's check it out website for all major details ...


Fretsaw tutorial FAQ

An video in german about a fretsaw demonstration and advices for optimal fretsaw handling.


Jewelers Saw and Blades - Jewelry Tools



DIY bench pin / The best way to use a coping saw

Lazy watchsmith

Here is how to make a bench pin. The best way to use a coping saw is to use it with a bench pin. This way you get the best control over your work. Sahaustuki on ...