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Making a Simple Knife Sharpener under 5$

4 months ago M.N. Projects

Cheap and simple sharpener "powered" with sandpaper. It can be done in one day from basic materials. The biggest advantage is cheap and generally ...


Building Knife Sharpening Jig

1 year ago Michal Kadlec

In this DIY episode I'm making knife sharpening jig which fits Taidea sharpening whetstones. It's made out of scarp material and I'm using only simple tools to ...


Make a knife sharpening jig

2 weeks ago Young Je


How to make Fixed Angle Knife Sharpener

11 months ago Mr DIY

In this DIY episode I'm making Fixed Angle Knife Sharpener whetstones. It's made out of scarp material and I'm using only simple tools to build it. If you like it, ...


How to make DIY Knife Sharpening System Jig /Homemade DIY

1 year ago Mr. DK DIY

For more DIY Videos click here.. How to make DIY Knife ...


How I sharpen my knives - Razor Sharp Edge Making System

Official Simple Little Life video of how I sharpen my knives - Razor Sharp edge making system. I've been asked a lot in the past to do a video on how I sharpen ...


Making the ultimate knife sharpener

Official simple Little Life video of: Making the ultimate Knife sharpener. Here is a fixture I made for my Razor Sharp Edge Making System that makes incredibly ...


How To Make Any Knife Razor Sharp! - DIY Knife Sharpener

1 year ago DH Hacks

Check out our razor sharp knives! - This DIY shows you how to build a super easy and very effective knife sharpener! I hope you enjoy!


How to Properly Sharpen a Knife with a Master Sharpener

3 weeks ago Munchies

In New York, there is a premier knife company, Korin, that not only sells some of the best knives but has master sharpeners to keep your edges on point. In this ...


How To Sharpen Dull Knives

1 year ago Tasty

Here is what you'll need! Check out the Tasty One-Stop Shop for cookbooks, aprons, hats, and more at Check us out on ...


DIY GUIDED knife sharpener 3.0

This is my 3rd homemade guided knife sharpener. This one is my favourite. The peel and stick sandpaper is also called PSA sandpaper and I purchased mine at ...


The REAL TRUTH about knife sharpeners (I was wrong)

Thanks to all of you who have chimed in and commented on the last video I did about knife sharpening. I've changed my mind and I think you'll change yours too ...


How To Sharpen a Knife

5 years ago Gough Custom

Standard sharpening system ($22): Diamond system, shown in the video ($55): Stand for the sharpening system ...


Knife Grinding Jig - DIY PERFECT BEVELS

1 year ago Brad Richardson

In this video I explain how I built my knife grinding jig! This device helps knife makers to obtain very straight and even edges. - DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE ...


Making This UNUSUAL Knife Sharpener

I've had this idea for a few years and finally got around to trying it out. I had a hunch that it would work, but didn't know how effectively it would sharpen. I'm glad ...


How to Make Knife Sharpener Machine

8 months ago Jugaad

How to Make Knife Sharpener Machine.


How to make a Leather Strop | Razor sharp knife

Are you interested in achieve a perfect sharpening on your knives or cutting tools? I'll show how to make a DIY 2 faces leather strop or razor strop with a handle ...


Sharpening Wheel For Razor Sharp Blades! MDF

Sharpening has never been so easy! Stones are great but also very expensive and time consuming. With this MDF wheel it takes a matter of minutes and the ...



1 year ago OUTDOORS55

What is hair whittling sharp? Is it easy to achieve? In this video I show how easy it can be to sharpen a knife to hair whittling, using one sharpening stone, and a ...


How To Sharpen A Knife By Stan Wilson

3 years ago

How To Sharpen A Knife by Stan Wilson. Watch as master knife maker Stan Wilson shows you how to ...