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Maple Pencil Case

Michael Laffin

My old pencil case ripped, so I made a new one. It is made out of 1/4 inch maple, and grey felt. The locking mechanism is made out of clothes wire, a small ...


Spalted Maple Pen Box

Make Crazydays

Larry Chalberg's Pen Box Video: John Peter's Finishing method with shellac: ...


Making a Wooden Pen Box

Step by step video on making a wooden box for a pen that I turned for my wife's grandfather for Christmas. Made from a block of cherry wood.


Wooden Pencil Case // Astuccio in legno

The Giant Lab

faidate #diy #thegiantlab #falegnameria #woodwork #astuccio #pencilcase Per oggi un piccolo progetto, un astuccio in legno su richiesta della mia fidanzata.


(how to make) a pop-up band saw pen box | Izzy Swan

izzy swan

A big thank you to for this video. Carl Jacobson's channel - Jamie Page's channel ...


How to Make a Pencil & Business Card Holder

Make Something

Step by step process on how to make a simple pencil & business card holder. Perfect for gifts or selling on Etsy and craft fairs. Subscribe for weekly woodworking ...


Making a Leather Pencil Case in the #Makerspace - Vlog 3


Making some presents with leather, and some new ideas. If you guys want to support this channel you can check me out on How ...


How To Make DIY Super Secret Stash Pencil Box | Secret Compartment | Easy Kids Crafts

Corbin and Axel show you how to make a DIY super secret stash box using a metal dinosaur pencil box. It's just one of our many easy kids crafts. They put a ...


DIY Notebook & Pencil Case #EDC

Darbin Orvar

Making an everyday carry - writing style! Including a cherry pencil case, projects notebook & leather cover. Support me to help me make more videos!


Pen and Pencil Case from Laburnum and Holly

In this presentation I will share the step by step guide on how to make a pen and pencil case from laburnum and holly. This design could be easily adapted to ...


Turning Popsicle Sticks into Amazing Custom Pens

Turning Popsicle Sticks into Amazing Custom Pens I recently found out that popsicle sticks and craft sticks are usually made out of birch wood. And I wondered if ...


An unusual twist on wood pen cases (How to)

I was curious to try something different with this one. That is all.


Pencil Box

Jim Dockrell

Made from Walnut and Maple for my daughter in law who is going back to school so she can help people.


DIY pencil army style case/box

Crafted by Tim

G'day guys hope you're all well, in this weeks episode I'm making an ammunition crate for a new pencil case/box just because I can! hope you enjoy! cheers!


make | pencil box | diy | dave stanton | studio | woodworking | derwent | how to

David Stanton

Concept Design | 180 Piece Studio Pencil Box | Dave Stanton Concept & Design is a major part of any wood shop project. This episode of the 180 Piece Studio ...


How To | Studio Pencil Box Build 4 | Drawers | Cradles | Handles | Finish | Gift | Love

David Stanton

How To | Studio Pencil Box Build 4 | Drawers | Cradles | Handles | Finish | Gift | Love .The final episode of making this stunning box to house the most fastidious ...


Making a Reclaimed Birch and Walnut Pen Case Build

Check out my gear on Kit: Making a Reclaimed Birch and Walnut Pen Case to go with the Western Style Twist Pen in Antique ...


Pencil case

zun Jeffery


How To Make a Pen Box From A 2 x 4

Lynn Lacey

How to make an elegant pen box from a scrap piece of 2x4 and a scrap piece of Texas Mesquite. Skills used; cutting thin stock, routing groves on router table, ...


DIY Wooden Box Easy - Wooden Pencil Holder Plans


This video shows how to make a simple and easy box out of wood. This box can also be used as a pencil holder or for any decorative purposes. Publishing ...