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Make a Simple Metal Foundry Using Empty Gas Cylinder.

1 year ago Random Hands

️Make a Simple Metal Foundry Using Empty Gas Cylinder.⭐ OR Purchase Your Own From Amazon: ''''''''''''''''''''''''...


How To Make The Mini Metal Foundry

How to make a simple backyard foundry for less than $20, for melting pop cans, and casting aluminum. [✓] Clay Graphite Crucible: ...


Making a Metal Melting Furnace (Simple, Effective, Propane)

2 years ago Cosmas Bauer

At the new place I can't just light a stinking coal fire in the backyard like I used to, so I had to find a cleaner and more controlled way of melting aluminium.


How to make a Large $50 Mini Homemade Metal Foundry Furnace Forge propane or charcoal DIY Pt.1

2 years ago LivingTheGoodLife

Part 1 of how I made my large mini home foundry forge to melt Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Lead, Silver, & Gold... and to forge Iron & Steel. This design allows for ...


Don't Build a Metal Foundry Until you See This First

Updates, improvements, and all your questions answered about the Mini Metal Foundry. I had no idea so many of you would actually be building this! Common ...


Make a simple Metal Melting Foundry

9 months ago Random Hands

Making Furnace at home is simple. Melt your own aluminium using fire bricks at suitable temperature and makes different items. Furnace could be helpful to ...


DIY Iron Furnace Build

4 years ago BenNBuilds

I made a small furnace for casting iron and stainless steel. It uses the same burner as my aluminum furnace but takes about 2 hours to heat up( a .75GPH nozzle ...


Homemade Propane Foundry Furnace Metal Aluminium Tutorial How To Make Build Part 1 of 4 Aluminum

4 years ago eddie2799

Homemade propane foundry furnace melt aluminium metal tutorial how to build part 1 of 4. Aluminum See the video of this foundry furnace in action: ...


Metal Melting Furnace

2 years ago Make it Extreme

Another essential structure is an oven for MELTING metallic objects and creating new ones. ▻ Click HERE to subscribe to Make it Extreme: ...


How To Make An Electrical Arc Furnace

How to hack flashlight batteries and a fire brick, into a desktop arc reaction chamber. ...For hobby metal melting, and for science! Some quick links to a few of the ...


Make A Trash Can Metal Foundry

For this project we're using kaowool to make a new lightweight backyard foundry, for melting copper. Kaowool: Trashcan: ...


Copper Melting Furnace - Un-boxing the 10kg Propane Furnace

1 year ago eWaste Ben

This 10 Kg Propane Melting Furnace is my new Copper Melting Furnace I will be using.. 10 kg Propane Furnace Details.. Cheaper ...


Steel melt in Home Brick furnace.

4 years ago Oil Burner

Waste oil Burner Furnace Melts steel Crucible and causes runaway of molten metal out the bottom. The oil burner only used about 3L of Waste cooking oil to ...


Oil barrel propane metal melting foundry furnace

1 year ago Plata O Plomo

Homemade propane metal melting furnace for smelting tin, lead, aluminum/aluminium, zink, brass, bronze, copper, silver or gold.


Metal Melting Furnace Build (No Welding)

Metal melting furnace built to replace my first furnace. High temperature castable refractory and ceramic insulation were used in order to reduce propane fuel ...


How To Make Metal Melting Furnace With In $10 - #PROJECT 1

2 years ago The J

This simple method will make Metal Melting Furnace with in Only $10 I Hope You Enjoy Don't Forgot to Like And Share.. . Thank You Watching And Stay Up via ...


Making 526 kg (1160 lb) of Aluminium Ingots from Scrap Metal

In preperation for a large project we melted down around 660 kg of scrap aluminium into ingots. All the aluminium that we use for our castings is a cast alloy of ...


Making a Foundry│Metal Melting Furnace│Forge

1 year ago Seth Robinson


Making 5 Pound Copper Ingots From Scrap

2 years ago Tito4re

On this videos i'm showing you what i do to some of the copper from my pouring videos. Check out my old video when i was making 5 pound copper ingots 5 ...


Abul Khair Steel Melting- Electric Arc Furnace production in English