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Is this a JOKE? Wrist Fishing Rod from

Hey Skipper

This is the strangest fishing product we have ever seen. Its a fishing rod from where users attach a fishing reel to their wrist. Our mission is to catch a ...


Homemade RC Rigger Part 2 or how to make a rc race boat

Fast RC Boats

Hier seht ihr den zweiten und letzten Teil vom meinem 4S Eigenbau Rigger (am Ende mit einer kleinen Videosequenz). Original Video: ...


[HOONIGAN] DT 151: +500HP NA Honda Powered 9 Second Drag Car

Hoonigan On today's episode of Daily Transmission, our ears get obliterated by a screaming 500HP four banger that runs a 9 second quarter ...


CE Approved Zoo Backyard Child Amusement Park Toy Kids Miniature Rides Electrical Mini Track Train

Yueton rides

Mini Electric Train With High Quality For Amusement Park From Yueton. Email: WhatsApp: +86-151 8838 9618.


The Leach Catapult


The Leach Catapult was a device invented in 1917 to help extend the throwing distance of grenades by Allied soldiers. I decided to build one and try it out at the ...


Make a Pocket Paper Gun That Can Shoot easily bullets_Easy Tutorial For Begginers


Make a Pocket Paper Gun That Can Shoot easily bullets_Easy Tutorial For Begginers In this Video you learn that How to Make a Paper Gun That Shoot easily.


Bộ Kít Trước Độ Chế Cho Xe 3 Bánh, 4 Bánh

Cung cấp phụ tùng cho ae độ chế xe 3 bánh, 4 bánh , ATV, UTV 125, 150, 250 cầu xích, cầu cacdang .... 0902 151 141 Music provided by: NoCopyrightSounds.


$10 Police Flashlight Hack!


Make a $100 super bright cop Flashlight for less than $10. Brighter than SureFire! Easy to do! Check out my 'secret' classic videos: ...


Chế kiếm kanata siêu nhỏ, đẹp chỉ với dây sắt và đồng. Make the beautiful micro kanata sword.

Vật liệu để làm là: Một đoạn dây thép, một đoạn dây đồng đỏ.


How strong is a Dock Demon Fishing Rod?

Hey Skipper

We have the Zebco Dock Demon Fishing rod and we're testing how strong this fishing rod actually is. Zebco claims that this fishing rod is “Virtually indestructible” ...


DIY Wolf Paw Talisman |SUBSCRIBE Now

Mr. Kamdo

Buy from Mr.Kamdo : ********************************************************************** Please watch: "How to make a Love Knives ...


How To Make Paper Stick Air Plane That Fly Fast and Far


Paper Stick Airplane making and this plane fly too fast and far. It is very simple to make and your kids even can make this easily. Various design plane can be ...


A Baffling Balloon Behavior - Smarter Every Day 113


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Junior Slingshot Practice May 8 2015

KAMM Racing

Accord Speedway.



Justin & Jen

Playing a game of water balloon trivia while it was cold outside. We could do other videos like this with other kinds of water balloons filled with stuff if you all ...


How to make a Large Glider with Straws and Paper.(diy Toy Airplane)

In this video I will show you how to make an Awesome Glider with straws and paper. If you enjoyed this video please leave a like and Subscribe! This video was ...


DigiWiz Wind Powered Science DIY STEM Project.

DigiWiz STEM Kits

Put all the parts together so the motor will generate wind and the wind drives the car forward.


How to build an iPad dash part 3 (prep & paint)

Rafael Felix


DIY Homemade Outrigger RC boat


Hi, 3rd Boat prototype made out of Dupnt Foam. :O) I used the brushless motor and electronics from my 1//16 E Revo.


✈️ We found a CRASHED WW2 BOMBER! ✈️ - vlog e209 New Hampshire 7

Burke BunchTV

The Dad & the Boy have found the crash site for a downed ww2 bomber! Now THIS is a hike to remember!!! Burke BunchTV uploads every 2 to 3 days! So make ...