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Making An Octagonal Tea Caddy (Without Screws Or Glue, but with an X-Carve CNC Machine)

Apologies for the voiceover on this one – I still have a cold, as you can tell. (5 months of it now! REALLY fed up with it now…) Designing a project from scratch is ...


Making a Glue Caddy


The title of this week's show pretty much says it all. I hope you enjoy.


Fitting a Fan to the Tea Caddy

Glen D. Huey demonstrates how to fit the corner fan to the tea caddy from Popular Woodworking Magazine's July issue (#190).


Repairing A Carriage Wheel Without Dismantling It

Wooden wheels are complicated to repair because the steel rim needs to be put on hot (it shrinks as it cools and tightens up all the joints). If the wheel has a ...

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Om Abdulazizq


X-Carve's First Job


Video of the first cut on my newly upgraded Shapeoko 2, now X-Carve! This was a simple project cut out of a soft piece of cedar to test everything out. Download ...


Cutting Open A 5,000 Year Old Bog Oak Tree

As old as Newgrange and the pyramids, these oak trees are awe-inspiring. They were growing here so very long ago on this little piece of land that we call ours ...


Tea Caddy, c.1785

This is an eight sided and twin lidded Tea Caddy, it dates to c.1785. The caddy measures: 13.5 cm by 9cm and 11cm tall, so it's got a lyre inlaid on the front with ...

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Eff Kay


No Longer BROKE!

Timothy DC

The x-carve is working, find out how I solved some of my problems. Music: Doll Dancing by Puddle of infinity The Birthplace: A Slice of Wood Workshop Website: ...


Sewer Pipe Strawberries! (How To Set Them Up..)

Growing strawberries in a plastic pipe is a really good idea and we've been doing it successfully for years now. They are kept off the ground - away from mice ...


Cadi being Eb's One Less Lonely Girl ;)


The cutest people I know! Such a good night :)

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Ahanu Coage

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Ashley Handy


Quick, Let's Make New Handles For Our Old Horse Drawn Plough

A quick project showing how we turned a fallen branch into two new handles for our old plough.. I can't show you how much difference these new handles made ...


may laser kho 1390

cnc bảo long

Xuất bản 6 thg 12, 2015 Công Ty TNHH CNC BẢO LONG Đ/C : Km17 , QL5 , Lạc Hồng , Văn Lâm , Hưng Yên SĐT : 0964.686.619 - Ms. Hồng Mail ...


How To Make Your Own Stone Pestle And Mortar (It’s Surprisingly Easy!)

Useful in the kitchen, and as beautiful as the stones you choose – how could you not want one of these? (I suspect they may make excellent chistmas presents ...


Plasma CNC at Design Fugitives

Justin White

Check out our new plasma CNC in action. We're cutting small mild steel parts that will be fit and welded into custom wall brackets to hold up a shelf. Thanks for ...