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Rotary Weld Positioner Torque Upgrade Arduino Controlled Stepper Motor

DozerBuilder 01

After a few users tried welding very large pipe sections, I decided to experiment with gear reduced stepper motors. Buy the plans at ...


Rotary Table 001

b mac

First tests with the Arduino running bratl at CNC zone rotary table sketch with DIY worm gears. The software is working fine. The DIY worm gears . . . . not so ...


welding rotator


Rotating collating table

RSP Bindery

RSP Bindery: Equipment close out sale 1-800-293-1051 ext 223 Allows for placement of 34 sheets 8 1/2″ x ...


How to make 360 rotating table

Hi, guys How to make DC motor speed control My Android App ...


The SMART Project Part 01 - Introduction

Ashley House

The SMART Project Part 01 – Introduction A short video outlining the project objectives and where I am currently at. At present I envisage three stages to the ...


Strong Arm Positioner AM12286

AM Industrial brief video demonstrating a Strong Arm Positioner with Integrated Controls • Integrated Controls • Pedestal Base • Maximum Capacity - 125 or 250 ...


3 axis CNC router build part 2.1 - The crane

This is part 2 of my CNC router building series. I start by cutting all the pieces and then proceed making the bar holders. Look for upcoming videos! Questa è la ...

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Arduino Stepper Motor Controller Running a Rotational Axis


I finally got around to getting my 4th Axis running with an Arduino UNO. The UNO is used to send control information to a Gecko g201 which controls the stepper ...


CNC 4030 cutting an acrylic transmitter tray (tool air cooled)

Stelios Liver

cutting acrylic with air cooled tool.

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Fai da te

Michele Bottai


Hand-operated screw jack ,stainless screw jack

Do you need stainless steel screw jack or manual screw jack? Pls come to Lude Transmission for a look. The link is

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para hacer

Alex Coyago

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