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Rustic Live Edge Walnut Coffee/End Table with Applewood Legs


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Woodworking # 20 - DIY Rustic Live Edge Walnut Coffee End Table with Applewood Legs - Woodwork


Woodworking # 20 - DIY Rustic Live Edge Walnut Coffee End Table with Applewood Legs - Woodwork woodworking woodworking projects woodworking for ...

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Carpintaria rústica.

Patricia Conde

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Tree Stump Projects

Kie Shelley


X shaped farm table legs

NH Woodshop

This is my first attempt to make a set of x shaped table legs. There will be more videos to come about the rest of the table !


Cantilevered Dining Table

Rigid steel and sculpted wood form an asymmetrical table base for a massive slab of bastogne walnut that appears to almost float.


DIY Live Edge Slab Coffee Table | Modern Builds | EP. 23

Modern Builds

Today on Modern Builds I'm building my first ever live edge walnut slab coffee table. The table top is made from two book-matched slabs and the legs are made ...


Tree Branch Table - Quick Build

Chad Stanton

Chad Stanton builds this unique one of kind rustic live edge table that appears to have a tree branch impaled right through the legs. Watch this quick build video ...


Walnut Coffee Table

Featured here is a walnut slab coffee table with ash legs. All wood has be harvested locally, and hand crafted with my very own blood, sweat and tears.


How to make a beautiful slab table

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DIY Live edge Slab Coffee Table - Tree ring Project


Single cut ring from a full slab Horse Chestnutt tree and some water pipe bent into legs made into a coffee table. The live edge has some excellent features and ...


Live Edge Modern Coffee Table Build

Jermwood Makes

In this video I make a live edge modern coffee table for our living room. I used whiskey barrel staves to make bowtie inlays to stabilize the checks in the live oak ...


How to Make a Live Edge End Table

Made by Mitch

In this video, I show you how to make a Live Edge End Table with hairpin legs for under $50 dollars. This was a fairly simple project that and is a money saver for ...


Walnut Live Edge Dining Table Four Fields Furniture - Bookmatched walnut live edge dining table. Four Fields Furniture - Custom Wood and Steel Furniture Made in Minnesota.

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Wood Cookies

Pat McClellan


One Day Build: Live Edge Slab End Table

Joel Turner

Hairpin legs I used: Sooooo awhile ago while I was working for a tree service (psudo lumber jack) we cut down this walnut tree. I kept two ...


How to Make a Live Edge Wood Slab Coffee Table with Epoxy Inlay


In this tutorial DIY Pete will will show you how to make a wood slab coffee table with an epoxy inlay. The epoxy inlay glows in the dark and creates a very neat ...


Modern Live Edge Coffee Table | Modern Builds | EP. 24

Modern Builds

Today on Modern Builds I'm making my second ever Live Edge slab table. I'm using a router-sled jig to flatten it out.


Making a Beautiful Jarrah Coffee Table - Rustic coffee table - Slab Furniture

Jords Wood Shop

In this video I am making a Beautiful Live Edge Coffee table from Jarrah Become a JWS Patron and help support the show: ...