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Rustic Live Edge Walnut Coffee/End Table with Applewood Legs


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Woodworking # 20 - DIY Rustic Live Edge Walnut Coffee End Table with Applewood Legs - Woodwork


Woodworking # 20 - DIY Rustic Live Edge Walnut Coffee End Table with Applewood Legs - Woodwork woodworking woodworking projects woodworking for ...


DIY Live Edge Slab Coffee Table | Modern Builds | EP. 23

Modern Builds

Today on Modern Builds I'm building my first ever live edge walnut slab coffee table. The table top is made from two book-matched slabs and the legs are made ...


How to Make a Live Edge Wood Slab Coffee Table with Epoxy Inlay


In this tutorial DIY Pete will will show you how to make a wood slab coffee table with an epoxy inlay. The epoxy inlay glows in the dark and creates a very neat ...


Live Edge Coffee Table, How To Flatten A Live Edge Slab - Woodworking

Blog Post w/ Cut List : In this video, I'll show you how to build a live edge coffee table, and how to flatten the live edge ...


Tree Root Coffee Table Disaster....................... DSNERV


OK so I have spent to much time and given myself far to many hand blisters sawing through this root to give up on it now. The original plan was to create a ...


Modern Live Edge Coffee Table | Modern Builds | EP. 24

Modern Builds

Today on Modern Builds I'm making my second ever Live Edge slab table. I'm using a router-sled jig to flatten it out.


How To Make a Rustic 3 Legged Stool

James Wegner

In this episode, we make a small Colorado style rustic stool from ponderosa pine and aspen logs. Also visit my site:


Making a Beautiful Jarrah Coffee Table - Rustic coffee table - Slab Furniture

Jords Wood Shop

In this video I am making a Beautiful Live Edge Coffee table from Jarrah Become a JWS Patron and help support the show: ...


Live edge stools

In this video I make 4 live edge stools. For the top I used 4 slices of ash log, bought at the sawmill. All the cracks I filled with epoxy and pine bark. For the stools ...


How to build an Oak Slab Coffee Table

Jeff Baker

I brought back an Oak Slab on a recent trip to Pennsylvania, and thought it would be perfect for this coffee table project. The table came out great, especially after ...


Walnut Live Edge Dining Table Four Fields Furniture - Bookmatched walnut live edge dining table. Four Fields Furniture - Custom Wood and Steel Furniture Made in Minnesota.


Woodworking. Making a coffee table

Simon Capener

Woodworking. Making a coffee table out of Claro walnut slabs.


Massive Live Edge spalted beech dining table!

Robin Coomans

I made a live edge dining table from a slab of spalted beech for a friend. In a previous video on the 'Offerman flattening jig', I already flattened this huge slab of ...


Walnut Live Edge Table

Goliath Works

Music by Imagined Herbal Flows: Boardwalk.


How to Make Simple Slab Coffee Table | I Can Do That!

Wood slabs are all the rage and we're not immune at I Can Do That! In today's video Andrew takes you through the steps to build a simple router jig to flatten a ...


Star Trek ? Walnut Epoxy Resin coffee table

Manor Wood

I have be woking on idea to mount some Walnut Slabs I have to make coffee tables. this is my first design using only tree I cut down my self and only off cuts! it ...


How to make a beautiful slab table

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How to Make a Live Edge End Table

Made by Mitch

In this video, I show you how to make a Live Edge End Table with hairpin legs for under $50 dollars. This was a fairly simple project that and is a money saver for ...


One Day Build: Live Edge Slab End Table

Joel Turner

Hairpin legs I used: Sooooo awhile ago while I was working for a tree service (psudo lumber jack) we cut down this walnut tree. I kept two ...