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Making a silver ring (sandcasting)

2 years ago FunWithFire

My Etsy- New version - Gold ring ...


Making a Solid silver ring (Sand casting)

2 years ago FunWithFire

So in this video I'm going to give you a detailed tutorial on how to make a silver ring using the sand casting method. (Similar to one of my previous videos) ...


CASTING A SILVER RING (open sand casting)

1 month ago FunWithFire

So in this video I'm casting a silver ring, but instead of casting in an enclosed environment. Were casting in an open mold. My Etsy- ...


making jewelry - making silver jewellery at home (sand cast)

8 months ago TC INDIAN JEWELRY

making jewelry - making silver jewellery at home ( sand cast) hi i am a navajo silversmith and this is part 1 of making a sterling silver flower pendant using the ...


How To Sand Cast a Piece of Silver Jewelry, part one of two.

3 years ago Jerry Monfort

I demonstrate how to sand cast a small piece of silver jewelry. Part one of a two part video. Each part is about 10 minutes long.


How to Cast Silver and Gold Jewellery using the Delft Clay casting system

2 years ago Andrew Berry

One afternoon Andrew was casting some solid gold balls to go on a torque bangle he was making. He decided to quickly grab a point and shoot vlogging ...


Skull Ring in Silver From Wax to Metal

8 years ago Custom

Custom Sterling Silver Skull Ring from


Melt the silver scrap and make heavyweight rings

2 years ago 工房 青野

We will make heavyweight silver ring from silver scrap. I will mold molten silver with a spatula. I named the creative silver ring "objet ring" Generally, the reason ...


Celtic Ring Making - Opal and Silver Ring Fabrication by Hot Tor Studio

2 years ago Rose Gulsah Boye

Celtic Ring Making - Opal and Silver Ring Fabrication by Hot Tor Studio This one I made for Florette and she picked her own opal gem stone among many I ...


Make a silver ring in 15 minutes

2 years ago 工房 青野

With a silver wire with a diameter of 1.8 mm, handmade a simple silver ring: The ring is completed in 15 minutes work process. It is a movie of "almost uncut".


Red stone in a silver ring

1 year ago MadeByHuss

Making a silver ring in silver and setting a red stone.


Casting a silver skull

3 years ago 11robert11

in this video i make a silver cast from my 1oz yps skull. i use pertabond sand a blow torch and a melting crucible.


Simple Lost Wax Casting - High School metal shop

5 years ago We Build Stuff

Update: I plan on making a new video this year to show the progression of our work. Better success rate and better looking final products. Coming soon!


Making a DIY Silver Ring

8 months ago Christoph Wagner

Description ============== This is my first try in casting silver jewelry. ============== Further Questions ============== Feel free to leave a comment.


An Electrum Ring (sandcasting)

6 months ago Mat Brown

Casting a solid electrum (aka green gold) ring using the sandcasting method. It's a real thing, it's just not from Minecraft! The alloy mix used here is 5% copper ...


Sand Casting Curved Objects with the Acu-Pour

9 months ago Roberta Pihl

In this shotgun video I show how I use Craig Dabler's Acu-Pour to sand cast objects with a curve to them! This can be tricky but my little technique makes it SO ...



4 years ago Giacomo I

Sand casting an 18k white gold ring for a beautiful teardrop ruby . .


Making A Silver Ring

1 year ago Steve Howard

Making a silver ring with a stamped bezel and a split shank. Morris Vein chalcedony cabochon.


Sand Casting - From Start to Finish

2 years ago Melissa Muir

In this video, Melissa Muir shows how to sand cast a fine silver pendant using Potter USA's Sand Casting Kit. A new online workshop is coming soon. To contact ...


Silver Ring For Men - Watch How Its Made

2 months ago Bobby White

In this video jeweller Bobby White is making a silver ring for a men which is then finished in black and gold. Bobby has been making this ring from sterling silver ...