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✔ DiResta Stainless Hinges


I was asked by my buddy to make this set of stainless hinges for his boat. I did tell him I was not sure I can do it since it was the first time I ever welded stainless, ...


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How to make hinges from nuts and bolts ( Life Hacks )

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Making weld on hinges

Classic Work

How to make your on set of weld on hinges. Made from cold roll 1" round bar. Some good set up on the lathe.


Making Hinges

Anne Cushing

Making custom hand crafted door hinges in a small metal welding shop. For more information on custom hinges please contact David with Bellingham Plumbing ...


Makin' Hinges

BBQwithFranklin ~ Full episode on how to make your own cooker and testing consumer cookers Hinges aren't just for doors, they can also ...


Concealed Door Hinges | Stainless Door Hardware

With the amount of modern door hardware options there are it can be confusing to select the one right hinge for your door. The concealed door hinge is typically ...


TBP Stainless Hinges - Unbox and Unscientific test

Matt's Garage

I really didn't want to deal with bolting and unbolting my doors as I fit up my new door posts so I thought I'd pick up a set of these quick release hinges to make ...


Forming Hinges in the Punch Press Saves Time, Increases Accuracy

Complex forms, such as hinges, may be produced with your punch press. Watch this video to see how the press forms the hinge with two tools. Eliminate ...



Phil Crockett

This video shows how to make a hinge from a pipe and rod. NOTE: this is a welding project, so you must know how to weld in order to make this. This particular ...


Welding Stainless-steel heavy duty hinges on a armory door.

Giuseppe Fucile

Giuseppe welding store, 16/09/2017.


Weld On Bullet Hinges - Alignment & Fabrication


A brief video showing you how I align and weld on bullet style hinges.


How to Roll Barrels and Forge Hinges

Dirty Smith

Dirty Smith demonstrates the concept of turning a hinge out of .25" x 2" and .25" x 1". We will forge the ends, remove stock, forge some decoration on the strap ...


Steel Butt Hinges Manufacturing at Madhuri Industries,Hyderabad


Madhuri Industries one of the leading Manufacturers and suppliers of Steel Butt Hinges in India. Located in the prime location of Hyderabad and known for its ...


EVELYN #136 - NEW Stainless Door Hinges & Don's 33' Pickup REVISITED!

Rob in NH

I drew up the design for the new Hinges on the Hotrod and emailed them to Hank to be cut-out.. I picked them up this morning and returned to the Garage where ...


Laser Cutting Stainless Steel Living Hinge Patterns

In this video, I experiment making stainless steel living hinges using a 2000W fiber laser to cut out different patterns commonly used with wood. I will be doing ...


Coleman Cooler Broken Hinges DIY Stainless Steel replacement hinge

Just a really quick video showing how to replace the broken plastic hinges on a coleman cooler with Stainless Steel ones.


4X4 with 5/8 Radius Spring Self-Closing Door Hinges first look

Peter von Panda

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Get them here... Hager (Pack of 2) Satin Nickel 4 X 4 with 5/8 Radius Spring ...


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Highway Products | Stainless Steel Hinges


Due to constant use and multiple stress points, the hinge is the most important part of your box. We use oversized stainless steel hinges and 1/4" stainless steel ...