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Making The OSB Stool

Build article with free plan: This is an older video that I had to re-edit and re-upload. I fixed up the audio a bit and added in ...


Making A Stool From OSB

More details here, plus the measured drawing: Started this back in February and put off finishing it until the weather warmed ...


002 ~ Disassemblable OSB Stool

Vincent Hendus

I needed a couple of stools in my workshop that I could easily store away after I used them and that would not take up much space. Also, I had a couple of OSB ...


How to make bin boxes from scrap OSB

Jeff Bauer

In this video, I make bin boxes from 1/2" OSB that was left over from building shelves for a garage or shed. These are simple to make and you can customize the ...


Making a Shop Stool out of Two 2x4s

DN Handcrafted

When the Modern Maker Podcast put out the Two 2x4 challenge, I knew I wanted to try to build an entry. The constraint of using 70% of two 2x4s was really fun, ...


Home made Stool for the woodworking shop

Scott's Place

Welcome to Scott's Garage I'm always looking for a place to sit in the shop !! So I decided to make me a stool, It shall serve me well :) Our Google+: ...


Making of a Cool Plywood Stool

Ari Ojala

The stool is made from ¾” thick birch plywood. Stool is about 8” tall and the top Is about 12” X 8 1/4”. I don't own a table saw so I had the plywood ripped to 1-1/2” ...


Simple OSB storage Boxes

ENG: I made these boxes to replace some hauling boxes I had in my room, which I used to store bits and pieces, but didn't like. I chose OSB, both because I like ...


How to Make Simple Bar Stools | 2x4 Bar Stool


How to make super simple patio bar stools out of 2x4 lumber. These stools are great for an outdoor patio and can easily be built by any Do It Yourselfer. A total of ...


Making a DIY Bent Lamination Bar Stools// Upcycled Bar Stools (2018)

Mortgage & Mitre

I upcycled the bases from our old bar stools and made new ones with bent lamination curved backs. The seats and backs are solid walnut and the bent ...


HOW TO Build 2 bar stool out of 8 pieces of lumber // DIY


Once again Mr ATC for another idea of housing and today, we are going to create 2 Bar stool out of 8 pieces of Lumber The free plan will be soon available here ...


How to Build a Counter Height Bar Stool with a Curved Seat for $10

Rogue Engineer

Full Details and Plans: Subscribe on YouTube: Subscribe to Our DIY Life ...


Diresta Inspired - X-Carve Stool

Jimmy Diresta built a simple shop stool out of one 31" x 31" piece of plywood on his X-Carve. I had some free plywood cutoffs from Lowes so I made mine out of ...


Making a stool

Marius Hornberger

We got some leftover from plywood manufacturing. Heavy pieces of beech. My mum had the idea to make it into a stool. So here we go. Follow me on Instagram: ...


How to make the seat for the stool

Cutting a small piece of board to make the stool seat. I cut it with a hand saw, I round the edges using the router, and I attach it to the stool frame.


How to Build a Barstool for Around $3 Dollars


In this video I take inspiration from Ana White ( to build a bar stool. I use one single 2x6 that can be ...


How To Make Modern Barstools


In this episode I show you how to build a set of modern barstools. This project started out in sketchup with me drawing the parts to have templates made on a ...


3 spindle cnc router cutting the osb Oriented Strand Board for sofa making industry

Alpha CNC


DC. Shop stool with scrap ply wood

Derek Conway

I saw someone make two of these at the same time and decided to collect the scrap plywood in my garage to make a scrap shop stool. The thumbnail photo was ...


Making A Wardrobe from OSB // Woodworking // My Cellar Workshop

My Fler shop: --- Hi, in this video I made a big wardrobe out of OSB. It is not really usual material for furniture making but ...