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Blacksmithing - Forging tools for stone splitting

I show how to forge the tools needed to hand drill and split blocks of stone. If you like my videos you can support me at: ...


How TO Making Tools and Splitting a Rock

1 year ago MADOFWOOD

How TO Making Tools and Splitting a Rock.


AWESOME !!! Massive Rock Splitting Using Grass Weed And Hand Chisel Hammer

5 months ago MrZygy3

Ancient Technique Technology Rock Splitting Using Grass Weed And Hand Chisel Hammer. Since 1980 he began as a stone splitter worker. From 1982 he also ...


How to Cut and Shape Stones

2 years ago This Old House

Watch the full episode: Roger Cook demonstrates how to cut and shape stones for hardscaping projects.


Splitting rocks with the Micro Blaster

3 years ago Dan Hurd

Had some rocks that were too big to move, so a borrowed the Micro Blaster from the local rock and mineral club. I was able to blow up the rocks into small ...


Chris LaMontagne splitting rock

5 years ago jle mdse


Rock Splitting with Feathers and Wedges by Dave Boneck

3 years ago David Boneck

This eleven minute video clip shows the splitting of a rock using Wedges and Feathers. It high lights the tools used and the process. It is one of three videos on ...


How to "melt" stones sound, p.1.

Workers video technology of the ancients. For not understanding the word "melt" here we have the literary sense, as the trace has the appearance of melted.

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Rock Splitting

2 months ago smog555


break splitting rock boulder millard canyon.creek

8 years ago lcalarea47

boulder that got sent down from upstream Millard creek during flash flood after station fire . where landed up against 3 alder trees , during heavy rains deflected ...


Splitting rock sections free in a quarry

2 years ago Pyrodem Ltd

Using Royex to split free rock sections in a quarry to be cut into various stone products.


Splitting rock with wedge & feathers; kil & bleck

8 years ago AnsGarSweden

Making of a five meter long ditch in granite with the use of wedge & feathers.


Rock splitting

7 years ago tidesigns

Feather and wedges.


HUG Mega Machines!!...Stone Splitting Equipment Rock Cutter Stone Saw Biggest Rock Saw Machines

1 year ago Nicky Bazz

More about amazing videos here: Wow!!...Amazing Idiots Operator At Work SKILLS / FAILS - WIN HUG Mega ...


Breaking blues - Ergersheim Experiments 6

1 year ago ulfr23

Featuring 2016: Flint axes, groundstone axes and adzes, splitting/making boards, Stone Age furniture production, making a haft and much more (including a lot ...


Cutting Stone At The Deer Isle Hostel

7 years ago Joe Dorr

Dennis Carter, founder and owner of Deer Isle Hostel in Maine uses a 2-pound hammer to cut a 26000 pound block of lovely Deer Isle granite into two equal ...


The old way of splitting rocks (boulders)


Will An AXE Split A Chain In Half???

1 year ago Wranglerstar

Will an axe split a logging chain in half? SUBSCRIBE: WATCH MORE WRANGLERSTAR: “Recent Uploads” - "How ...

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Rock splitting

4 months ago Leif Lislegård


Rock Splitting.wmv

6 years ago Jungguk Jo

Hydraulic Rock Splitter from Korea. A&F Company. Http:// Mail: