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Making wooden angle vise

Young Je

I was inspired to see this.


Homemade Angle Drill Press Vise

In this video I'll make an angle drill press vise that will allow me to drill and mill holes at an angle. As you can see it's a simple, easy-to-build design. More info ...


Making A Drill Press Vice || How To Make Wooden Vice

Mistry MakeTool

Make A wooden Drill Press Vice I show you how to Make A drill Vice. it's easy to build. It has a solid sliding jaw and special handle feature that opens and closes ...


DIY Bench Vise and a Bonus Video // Ahşap Tezgah Mengenesi Yapımı


In this video i'll be making a bench vise and removable metal vise for metal working. You can find all the measurements and material names at the end of the ...


Hickory Workbench Leg Vise and Dog Holes

Article for this video: - Vise screw I used: - The ...


Make a wooden clamp, effective and simple to make.

Jack Houweling How to make a woodwork clamp, I show how to easily make a wooden clamp for the shop. Mine opens 10 inches but can be made any ...


$1,498 Vise

For Business Inquiries Please Email: Build article: This week I chose to use my ...


Simple DIY Adjustable Wood Carving Table | Step By Step Instructional Video

Woodworking instructional video of a very simple DIY adjustable carving table. The table allows a fully adjustable angle as well as a custom vice that helps hold ...


Tilting Drill Press Vise


An all wood, tilting drill press vise. Plans are available here: Patreon: ...


Making a Small Wooden Vise

M.N. Projects

Making a Small Wooden Vise


How to build a BENCH VICE - SE Woodwork

Sean Evelegh

So I have a NEW Planer Thicknesser and Bandsaw in my workshop! The first project I will be making with these machines is a bench vice! I need to make this ...


morsa angolare fai da te (homemade angle clamp)


apertura max 80mm altezza ganascia 40mm per l'attrezzatura beta:


Making A Mini Benchtop Vise | DIY CREATORS

DIY Creators

Get more done with this mobile clamp jig. This could also be called a Vise. The main reason I called it a clamp, that was the original intent. I made it glue up ...


Make a Wooden Machine Vise

Jack Houweling

Make this handy vise. It has a solid sliding jaw and a special handle feature that opens and closes quickly. Build Article: ...


How to make a leg vise for the workbench. DIY leg vice

How to make a cheap leg vise that is very easy to install and remove from the workbench. In this leg vise build I use a metallic clamp and some pieces of wood ...


DIY Cross Vise Using Angle Bar

Sek Austria

Project no.61 Diy Homemade Cross Vise for Drill Press Buying cross vise in the market online store is way too much expensive. why buy if you can make one.


Easy Angle Finder / Inclinometer/ / Protractor

That Dude Oscar

Making an Inclinometer/ Protractor/ Angle Finder, Needed it for some steelwork, couldnt find to buy it locally, stuff from ebay, aliexpress takes months to get to me ...


Drill Press Vice

Pask Makes

I've been managing for a few years now with one Drill Press Vice. This hasn't been ideal for use with both metalwork and woodwork. I use oil when I'm drilling ...


The Wooden Vise One Year Later

Just a short video answering some of the comments on the original video. Free SketchUp plans for the vise available here: ...